Tuesday, June 10, 2014: Can Social Media Predict Sales?; Gates and Ellison – Friends at Last; GoDaddy’s $100 Million IPO; M&A Communications Checklist

 Tuesday, June 10, 2014




When Communicating an M&A, Consult Your Checklist
By Joyce Bosc, President & CEO, Boscobel Marketing Communications
Indicators show that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are becoming commonplace once again, though strategic forces that drive these transactions are still many and varied. The Wall Street Journal quoted a Bank of America official earlier this year who thinks M&A will bounce back from 2013. In the federal space, Bob Kipps of KippsDeSanto told FedBizBeat…

#TechweekChi Techism Scandal Crisis Mismanagement
By Steve Lundin, Chief Hunter & Gatherer, BIGfrontier Media Communications Group
Like an outtake from the movie Speed, the Techweek Chicago sexism scandal over its Black Tie Rave party lumbered through last week’s news cycle in excruciating slow motion, leaving a study in crisis mismanagement in its wake. The annual Techweek event has been dogged with accusations of sexism…

Can Social Media Predict Sales?
Ten years ago, online “social” networking (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) barely existed. Even five years ago most brands were just beginning to successfully use social networks to drive engagement, advocacy and – jack pot! – revenue. Image of Can Social Media Predict Sales? (Download)What else can social media tell us about consumer’s wants, unmet needs and desires?

I Need To Know Now: Is Media Monitoring Keeping Up With Me?
By Anne Potts EVP, Global Account Services, Racepoint Global
What’s going on? This is the first thought of any communications person when we wake up in the morning – did we get covered? Did our competitors get covered? How did that drop in the FTSE affect our partners? Are our customers delighted with us, slamming us or somewhere in between?




Gates and Ellison: Friends at Last
By Jeff Corbin, Founder of theCOMMSapp: For the Mobile IR and Comms Channel
Even though I am an avid Apple mobile device user, as the CEO of theCOMMSapp, a native app development technology platform, I took interest in the recent reviews of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet. Not the new bells and whistles; but rather what I believe it represents for the future of computing …

As Recent PR Grads Seek Jobs, Class of 2015 Should Take Heed
For The Critical Now Channel
Just weeks ago, they were cramming for final exams. Now tens of thousands of freshly minted communications and PR college graduates are scouring employment ads and hoping for the chance to put their classroom skills to work. But the public relations profession is in flux.

CRM And Data Mining: Client, Employee And Shareholder Alignment
For the NYU-SCPS Strategic Communication, Marketing, and Media Management (SCM3) Thought Leadership Channel
Compiling data on customers through an effective management information system can lead to a successful CRM strategy.

The Mobile Inbox and the Future of Email Marketing (Webinar)
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
It may replace the long-standing key metric of click-through rate, as mobile readership of emails is now larger than desktop readership – and it’s still growing. It’s critical for email marketer’s to take this new landscape into consideration when developing their campaign strategies and tactics.

Overheard at the #PRSAPRIME Conference
For the PR ROI Channel
The 2014 #PRSAPRIME Conference was an unparalleled opportunity to see some of the sharpest minds in communication research up close and in action. Missed it? We’ve compiled some highlights below. Scroll on! David Tovar, on how he phased measurement into the business processes of Walmart …




Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum
Live Event (Philadelphia): Thursday June 12
Financial Institutions are changing how they do business as technology continues to impact the way financial services companies communicate and collaborate with customers, employees, recruits, agents, advisers, partners, media, and the public. As leading financial institutions are embracing new social technologies, they also must meet compliance and legal requirements …

The 2014 Loyalty Social Survey: Connecting Emotion and Sentiment to Brand Loyalty
Free Webinar: Thursday, June 19
Perception is reality in today’s hyper-connected culture where consumers can (and do!) say anything online about their brand experiences. Those consumer-to-consumer interactions represent an unprecedented opportunity for tapping into “social intelligence,” a vast and largely under-utilized category of “big data” …


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Facebook Claims ‘Biggest Stadium’ of World Cup Fans (VIDEO)
According to Bloomberg, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) claims it can reach a staggering 500 million football fans. Bloomberg adds that this figure is almost twice Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) monthly active users.

The News Baron Battling Google
Financial Times
Mathias Dapfner points from the window of his 18th floor office to the street where the Berlin Wall once ran. These days the view is of an ordinary city street but when Axel Springer built his Berlin publishing house here, it was right on the edge of the Russian sector.

Social Media: How Life Online Makes Us Smarter
How is living online changing us? Author Clive Thompson argues that we shouldn’t fear the likes of Facebook and Twitter because it’s helping us to achieve things we couldn’t have done before.

Lifetime Costs Of Autism Can Exceed $2 Million, Study Says
Huffington Post
A new study has found that the cost of supporting a person with an autism spectrum disorder throughout his or her lifetime can soar as high as $2.4 million. The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics on Monday and funded by the nonprofit Autism Speaks, suggests that autism’s financial toll on individuals, families and society as a whole is “much higher than previously suggested.”




Tyson Wins Hillshire Bid: 7 Questions About the Biggest Meat Fight in History
Christian Science Monitor
Tyson Foods has won a bid to acquire Hillshire Brands for $7.7 billion, beating out an offer from Pilgrim’s Pride. A look at what led up to the bidding war for Hillshire, ultimately resulting in Tyson making one of the biggest meat industry mergers ever.

Will Tesla Reveal Its Secrets to Help the Electric Car Industry?
Tech Times
Call it generosity or what, but Tesla may be uncovering soon its treasure trove of engineering secrets to other car manufacturing companies by freeing up its patents to help improve the electric car industry and to boost the drive for adoption of electric cars.

Merck Pays Record Premium to Bet Big on Hepatitis Drug: Real M&A
Merck & Co. is making a record bet that an experimental disease treatment is worth more than Coppertone and Claritin.The U.S. drugmaker offered Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IDIX) shareholders $24.50 a share, or $3.85 billion, for the developer of hepatitis C drugs.

GoDaddy Files for $100 Million IPO
CNN Money
GoDaddy has filed plans for a $100 million initial public offering of its stock. But don’t cue the celebratory racy Danica Patrick video just yet: In a filing with the Security and Exchange Commission on Monday, the website registration company offered an inside look at the company’s hurting finances, and GoDaddy hasn’t made a profit since 2009.




Your SEO Strategy Hinges on Frequently Published High-Quality Content
There are many different ways to draw attention to your company’s Web presence, so it’s not helpful to think of online marketing as a zero-sum game. That said, the professionals who work in this business are nearly united in the belief that creating quality content at regular intervals is essential to any SEO-driven marketing strategy.

Eight Case Studies Where Mobile Marketing Actually Worked
Mobile marketing is still a developing industry and one that does suffer something of an image problem.Taken purely in terms of clickthroughs and conversions mobile ads don’t always deliver the best returns, so it’s up to the mobile networks to continue improving ad units while also convincing marketers that it’s not all about clicks.

Walmart Uses Rivals’ Discounts to Fuel New Loyalty Program
Walmart is using a new digital extension of its longstanding guarantee to match competitors’ advertised prices to address a question that’s dogged it for years: How can it launch a loyalty program without the promotional deals it’s long shunned as part of its everyday-low-price philosophy?




Apple Looking to Externally Hire ‘Friendlier, More Approachable’ PR Chief
“Who’s going to succeed Katie Cotton as VP of worldwide corporate communications at Apple?” John Paczkowski reports for Re/code. “That’s one of the more interesting questions at the company these days following Cotton’s retirement last month after nearly two decades spent shaping its communications strategy.”

Hertz Earns Top Honors In Public Relations Industry
The Wall Street Journal
The Hertz Corporation (NYSE: HTZ), the world’s largest general use car rental brand, was awarded the Gold SABRE Award in Corporate Reputation — Institutional Image for its ongoing public relations efforts to support the brand’s initiatives. “Hertz is redefining the premium car rental experience, creating a valued rental experience for our customers and constantly evolving to be the preferred car rental choice,” commented Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and CEO.




A Look at Apple Advertising — With and Without Steve Jobs
Apple has been trying to find its voice in advertising and marketing since the passing of founder Steve Jobs in 2012. Here, a survey of the brand’s advertising created under Mr. Jobs, and that conceived under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, VP-Global CMO Phil Schiller and VP/Creative Director Hiroki Asai.

How Do You Combine TV and Digital Video?
When blending the two, use TV for reach and digital video for frequency

The Well-Followed on Social Media Cash In on Their Influence
New York Times
Stars of Vine and Instagram Get Advertising Deals




PayPal President David Marcus Heads to Facebook
PayPal President David Marcus is leaving the payments company at the end of this month to lead mobile messaging efforts at Facebook.

What Good, Gender Neutral, Leadership in Tech Looks Like
Over the past few years, a flurry of news stories has cropped up zeroing in on high-profile tech leaders. Would you rather have Mark Zuckerberg as a boss, or Marissa Mayer? Sheryl Sandberg or Jeff Bezos? Now that tech CEOs are modern day rock stars, it’s easy to get caught up in their mythos, and wonder what it would be like to work for them. That’s all well and good, but there’s a strain of this discussion I find puzzling: a theme I’ll call “gendered leadership.”

Proof of Facebook’s Privacy Problem: Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Friends List
Your Facebook friends list, as Mashable revealed last week, is not as private as it claims to be. Setting your list privacy to “Only Me” doesn’t actually mean that nobody can see who you’re connected to, because there’s a loophole anyone can exploit.The loophole comes in the shape of Facebook’s mutual friends feature.




10 Quotes on The Future of Business
Brian Solis

Brazilians Greet World Cup With a Collective “Meh”
Ronn Torossian 5W

Social Listening is Like Sonar for Salespeople
Maximize Social Business

Two Kinds of Busy
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