Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014: Pinteresting Power. The Brand Police. The Power of 13 Million Conversations. Got Milk?−Not Anymore. Warren Buffett’s Three ‘Fundamentals of Investing.’

 Tuesday, February 25, 2014




Metro-North’s Disconnect Between Communication and Customer Service
By Susan Young, CEO, Get in Front Communications, Inc.
No one likes to be ignored. Especially customers who give their hard-earned money to businesses in exchange for a product or service. It seems that most organizations aren’t making the connection between communication and customer service. When business communication is forthright and …

Do You Have Pinteresting Power?
By Sugee Kim, Campaign Manager, Sverve
Three years after its launch in 2011, Pinterest is now dominating the social sphere in more ways than one. From e-commerce shares to referral traffic and increased spending, Pinterest falls amongst the top three most visited social sites in the US. It is also the 12th most popular website in the United States, ahead of both CNN and Huffpo. Many brands are beginning to see the …

Garbage In = Treasure Out?
By Moe Glenner, Author, “Selfish Altruism: Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives”
While society has seemingly advanced over the recent decades to allow for recycling and possible reuse of our garbage and discards, has there truly been significant change to the dynamics of our discarded items and the ways we discard them? Most of us will make a cursory effort …




The Power of 13 Million Conversations: PRIME Research and MasterCard Release 2nd Annual Mobile Payments Study
For the PR ROI Channel
On February 24, PRIME Research and MasterCard released their second annual global MasterCard Mobile Payments Study mining information from 13 million social media conversations worldwide. Findings from the study confirm the trend of increasing customer adoption and approval of mobile payment technology.

We Love Email
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
We love email.The numbers don’t lie: Personalized emails increase open rates by 72 percent and click rates by 81 percent. Email is there for you as a marketing channel: Driving the most ROI, engaging with customers, giving you measurable results.Times are changing, though. Consumers are smarter than ever before.

PR Lessons from the Sochi Olympics
For the Image & Innovation Channel
The organizers and supporters of the 2014 Winter Olympics should be incredibly pleased with the success of the 17-day-long set of events. While the $50 billion spent on sports venues, infrastructure, and more make the Sochi Games the most expensive Olympics ever, the stories that the world ended up focusing on did all that they were supposed to. Russia and the Olympics …




Tactics for Maximizing the Results of Your Press Releases
Free Webinar – February 26
Press releases have the potential to yield enormous benefits for an organization, including building online visibility and driving long-term brand exposure in addition to securing media coverage. But in order to obtain these results, the news release your organization publishes must be engaging, conducive, and inspire social sharing. Learn how to create press releases that can …

Rebuilding Trust After a Crisis
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: February 27
No matter where you look today, another “big” brand is falling victim to crisis, which is only amplified by today’s global connectivity. Whether it’s Target and its latest consumer data breech, Paula Deen’s brand under attack for failing to have a cohesive crisis communications strategyin place, Toyota announcing another recall or General Mills’ making a controversial decision to go GMO-Free …

The Brand Police: Post-Academy Awards Discussion
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: March 3
The Academy Awards Red Carpet shows are all about big names and fashion – but what really makes a celeb’s red carpet walk memorable? Sure, the dress and jewelry are important – but in a sea of glitz and glamour, how does a celebrity truly steal the show? Even celebrities must have a strategic message, solid brand and know when and how to capitalize on their star power. Want to know …


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Time Spent On Smartphones Easily Tops Desktop
People in the U.S., U.K and Italy have taken the mobile-first zeitgeist to heart. Average time spent per person in those countries was far higher on smartphones than desktop computers in December 2013, according to new data from Nielsen in connection with the Mobile World Congress conference this week.

WhatsApp to Add Voice Calls After Facebook Acquisition
WhatsApp will add free voice-call services for its 450 million customers later this year, laying down a new challenge to telecom network operators just days after Facebook Inc scooped it up for $19 billion.The text-based messaging service aims to let users make calls by the second quarter, expanding its appeal to help it hit a billion users, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday.

Job Candidates Could Face Avatars Instead Of Employers As University-Developed Video Interview Software Launches
The Drum
Developed at York St John University’s creative incubator, The Phoenix Centre, the ‘Shortlister’ software has been backed financially by Tim Whitworth, co-founder of Republic. As well as simulating real-life interviews, the software managed liaison and feedback with candidates.

Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Mission To Become Fox Movie
Hollywood Reporter
Peter Chernin, hot off the hit Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy comedy The Heat, is producing via his Fox-based shingle Chernin Entertainment. Jonathan Abrams is writing the script. The ever-eccentric Rodman became a lightning rod last year when he visited North Korea and befriended the country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un.




JPMorgan Averts Shareholder Proposals on Dimon’s Dual Role
IR Magazine
JPMorgan has secured the withdrawal of shareholder proposals battling the dual role of Jamie Dimon and calling for a comprehensive report on ‘the bank’s credibility problem’. In return, the financial giant promised more talks on the joint role of chairman and CEO plus a report following the $23 bn in regulatory and legal settlements paid by the bank last year.

Warren Buffett’s Three ‘Fundamentals of Investing’

Warren Buffett says if you want to learn how to make money from the stock market you should look at how he made some money with two small real estate investments. In an excerpt published by Fortune, from his upcoming annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Buffett writes about his purchase of a Nebraska farm and his investment in a retail property near New York University in Manhattan.

Icahn Slams EBay Director Andreessen, Urges PayPal Spinoff
Activist investor Carl Icahn, who last month proposed that EBay Inc. (EBAY:US) spin off its PayPal unit and nominated two employees to the board, criticized the online marketplace for “lapses” in corporate governance and asked shareholders to vote in favor of the split.




Procter & Gamble Rethinks Strategy
The consumer goods company, has announced that it plans to restructure how it organises and develops its brand management teams as a key component of its strategy to improve its beauty business.

Report Busts Data-Analyst Dearth and Other Data Myths
Ad Age Digital Next
Conventional wisdom has it that there’s a dearth of data scientists. Deloitte delved into this and other perceptions surrounding the much-hyped practice of data crunching for business decision making and marketing. In its “Analytics Trends 2014” report, the firm’s analysts weighed the merit of several purported data truths.

Cinnamon Essence With No Calories: Behold The Cinnabon Air Freshener
The cinnamon fragrance joins other examples of cross-branding synergy in fragrance form, which the company calls the Familiar Favorites Collection. Other choices include Snuggle fabric softener fragrance and Baby Magic baby soap.

Coming Soon: Tweets, Vines Set to Play On U.S. Movie Screens This Summer
Entertainment-related tweets and six-second Vine videos are set to splash onto movie screens across the country starting this summer, through a deal between Twitter and in-theater advertising company National CineMedia. The programming will invite moviegoers to interact via hashtags, with the potential that their own tweets could be featured in the stream.




MasterCard: Sentiment for Mobile Payments Improving
USA Today
Many hurdles have stifled the adoption of mobile payments in the U.S. and elsewhere, not least of which is getting consumers to change their purchasing behavior. But MasterCard says consumer and merchant sentiment toward mobile payments is improving.

Where Did It All Go Wrong For Piers Morgan in America? (Bad Press)
Contact Music
Piers Morgan is no stranger to bad press. Possibly, this is because he has always received his fair share of it (particularly in recent months), although throughout his seemingly eternal career he has also doled out much of it to others. Some, therefore, may cite karma as a reason behind the recent news than his CNN prime time talk show has been cancelled.




Print Only Still More Than Half Of Newspaper Audience Even As Digital Grows
A new analysis of the most recent newspaper audience reports suggests a surprising split in reading habits. Digital audience continues to grow. Mobile audience is growing quickly. Mobile-only audience, though much smaller, has grown to 7 million. Yet more than half of newspaper audience – 54 percent as measured by Scarborough research in 150 large markets – still read their local paper’s news report only in print.

NBC News Goes Native, Produces And Airs :30s For Xerox
Media Post
NBC News, which was an early adopter of “native” formats — ads that are disguised to look like editorial content — online, is bringing them to TV. In what it claims is an industry first.

‘Got Milk’ Dropped as National Milk Industry Changes Tactics
Ad Age Digital Next
Got Milk? Not anymore. The Milk Processor Education Program is sidelining the iconic ad slogan in favor of a new tagline, “Milk Life,” which puts emphasis on milk’s nutritional benefits, including its protein content.




This Farmbot Makes Growing Food As Easy As Playing Farmville
The world’s population is expected to grow from about 7 billion to over 9 billion by 2050. That’s means we’re going to need more food. A lot more food. To grow it, the world’s farms must increase production by about 60 percent.

Netflix to Pay Comcast for Smoother Online Video Streaming
The Los Angeles Times
The pact between the nation’s leading online video service and the largest U.S. provider of home Internet access could result in higher rates for consumers.




A Return to Simplicity, Empathy and Imperfection in Communication: Human to Human #H2H
Brian Solis

How Can Travel Operators Provide A First-Class Digital Customer Experience?
Econsultancy Digital Marketing

Face the Truth: You’re Going to Take Your Phone Into the Shower

Heritage Foundation: Where Have All the Scholars Gone?
FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Facebook, WhatsApp and the Social Bubble Bandwagon
Experience: The Blog: Social Experiences that Build Brands

Rick Pitino Can Help End Prejudice By Admitting His Own
Social Media Explorer