Tuesday, August 20, 2013 (Highlights: $17 Billion Tweet; Secret Document Reveals Chinese Elite’s Fear of Christopher Buckley; Women Leading Men; Job Transition Tips; Building Brand You)

 Tuesday, August 20, 2013




Women Leading Men: A Man’s Perspective
By John Boggs
I am always intrigued by leadership seminars and workshops focused on women. I have attended a fair share of these events and found the information useful for anyone in a leadership position. I am never sure if there were some nugget that women can find practical that addresses them in a uniquely different way from their male counterparts also looking to improve on their ability to lead.

Job Transition: Time To Reevaluate All the Basics
By Adam Barrett, LCSW
Your instinct tells you it’s time to change jobs. Or your employer’s new circumstances compel you to move on. Or changes in your personal life might argue for a different professional venue. Whatever the reason, it is critically important to recognize that, for many people, this turning point isn’t only about the details of making a living — important though those are. It is also about …




How to Write a Press Release in 2013
For the Digital PR Channel
Back in 2006 a few very smart PR folk recognized the need for PR content to be found online and that search engine optimization would become a necessary PR skill. Unfortunately, the SEO community saw the possibilities of using SEO rules when writing a press release and adopted optimization of news content long before the PR industry did. Instead of PR content becoming a natural part of …

Progress on Corporate Sustainability: Are PR Advisers Part of the Problem?
By Carol Cone, Global Practice Chair, and Alex Thompson, EVP Edelman Business + Social Purpose: For the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
Communicators reading the Guardian Sustainable Business US may have read Jo Confino’s piece, provocatively titled: Are PR advisers in danger of stifling progress on corporate sustainability?, with alarm. Alarm because the …

The Strategic Shopping List That We Suggest to Public Companies
For the Agile Engagement Channel
I was pleased to participate as a panelist on the recent industry webcast titled The IPO and Beyond…Experts Provide Insights about Preparing for Life as a Public Company. In concert with this series, I believe we are the only service organization that can tactically work with a client right from their initial (pre-IPO) …

Building Brand You
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon, speaks with Cyndee Woolley, Author and Public Relations & Branding Specialist at C2 Communications, about her new book Building Brand You.

Critical Minute – Unprecedented Promotion Draws Crowds
For the Critical Now Channel
During a recent promotion, Greektown Casino awarded new Chevrolet and Ford vehicles to casino guests, as well as thousands of dollars in gas cards, as part of their Free Ride Car-A-Day Giveaway.




Two-Part, Webinar Series (Available On-Demand)
IPOs are once again in the news. While normally the summertime is a time when the financial community takes a breather, this summer promises to be different and will see a number of companies make their debuts. Some will succeed while others will languish. What separates the winners from the losers? A number of factors, actually; chief among them is preparation. Undertaking an IPO can be …




A Secret Document Reportedly Reveals The 7 Things That Keep China’s Political Elite Up At Night
Business Insider
China’s Communist Party is passing around a memo from senior leaders, referred to as “Document No. 9,” that outlines exactly what the Xi Jinping’s political elite are really scared of, Christopher Buckley of the New York Times reports.The Times reports that the memo refers to “seven perils” for the party: The first was “Western constitutional democracy;” others included promoting “universal values” of human rights, Western-inspired notions of media independence and civil society, ardently pro-market “neo-liberalism,” and “nihilist” criticisms of the party’s traumatic past.

Al Jazeera to Hit Airwaves, But Where are the Advertisers?
Washington Times
Al Jazeera may have a team of 1,000 journalists, a massive budget that expands coverage around the globe and a lofty goal of besting ratings king Fox News – but what it doesn’t have is a solid advertising base. The New York Postreports that when the network hits the airwaves Tuesday, it will do so with about half the normal cable news channel advertising load.

LinkedIn’s New University Pages Help Teens Network Before College
Networking can prove invaluable when it comes to looking for a job, as well as when you’re planning on training for one. The right network can offer suggestions on what courses to take in college, help open doors at the right internships and ultimately help you launch a career in the organization of your dreams. LinkedIn is now helping you start that process as early as high school with LinkedIn University Pages, a new product …

Social Media the Most ‘Reliable’ Form of Customer Service Contact, But Only 2% Have Used it Recently
The Drum
Around 80 per cent of consumers who have contacted a brand through social media platforms heard back from the company within 12 hours; compared with 37 per cent who contacted a company through email, eDigitalResearch has found. The survey of 2,000 consumers found that how a customer contacts a brand is likely to have a large effect …

The Most Expensive Road Car Ever Sold At Auction: 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider Sells For $27.5 Million
RM Auctions, the world’s largest collector car auction house for investment-quality automobiles, continued its Monterey sale weekend with an incredible record-breaking Saturday auction which saw the star lot, an ultra-rare 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T Spider, smash records and sell for an astounding $27,500,000. This incredible price makes the car the second most expensive car ever to be sold at public auction and comfortably the most expensive Ferrari ever sold at auction. Alongside the N.A.R.T Spider, eyes were also firmly fixed on the 2012 Pebble Beach Best of Show-winning 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Torpedo Roadster, which sold for $8,250,000.

How to Make Big Things Out of Small Pieces
MIT Technology Review
MIT researchers have developed a lightweight structure whose tiny blocks can be snapped together much like the bricks of a child’s construction toy. The new material, the researchers say, could revolutionize the assembly of airplanes, spacecraft, and even larger structures, such as dikes and levees.

Major U.S. Pay TV Providers Lost 345,000 Subs in Q2
Multichannel News
U.S. cable and satellite TV operators took it on the chin again in the historically weak second quarter, while the telcos pulled in some solid subscriber gains, Leichtman Research Group found in its latest analysis of the pay-TV industry. The thirteen-largest multi-channel video providers in the U.S., representing 94% of the market, lost a combined 345,000 net video subs in the second quarter, which is typically plagued by “seasonality” as college students and snowbirds churn out. That compares to the 325,000 subs those providers lost in the second quarter of 2012 and 2011, LRG said.

Flavored Cigars Cheap, Attractive Smoking Alternative For Young People
Young people are drawn to flavored cigars and cigarillos, in large part, because they are cheaper than government-regulated cigarettes, U.S. health experts say.For example, The New York Times reported Saturday, a Baltimore grocery’s chocolate-flavored little cigar is its most popular item, along with white grape, pineapple, strawberry and Da Bomb Blueberry cigarillos.




Re/Max Holdings Real Estate Brokerage Files for U.S. IPO
Re/Max Holdings Inc., a franchiser of real estate brokerages, filed for a U.S. initial public offering as the nation’s property market rebounds and shares of housing-services companies surge. Re/Max, a Denver-based company that has more than 92,000 real estate agents globally, filed to raise as much as $100 million, according to a regulatory filing Monday.

Here Comes iTunes Radio, Threatening to Shake Up Music Streaming
Time Magazine
Apple’s iTunes Radio is a very dangerous monkey wrench that could unravel plans by Pandora and Spotify for long-term growth and profitability. Several famous musicians, including Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and members of Pink Floyd, have recently made news by complaining about how little money artists make from Internet radio platform Pandora and on-demand music-streaming service Spotify.

Senior Care Opens Wide For Investors
China Daily
Foreign and private investors are being encouraged to invest in the elderly care market, a move top policymakers say can help boost domestic demand and create jobs. The government will simplify procedures and slash administrative charges to allow non-governmental groups to run homes for the elderly, according to a statement issued after an executive meeting of the State Council, presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, on Friday.

NPR Chief Executive to Leave for Job at National Geographic
Washington Post
Gary Knell, who wrestled with deficits during his 21-month tenure as NPR’s chief executive, said Monday that he was leaving the organization to take over as head of another Washington-based nonprofit media group, the National Geographic Society. Knell’s departure continues the rapid turnover at the top of the audio and digital news outlet over the past few years.

21st Century Fox Sets Aside $150 Million for News Corp Phone-Hacking Legal Payments
Hollywood Reporter
Rupert Murdoch’s entertainment company 21st Century Fox on Monday said it has set aside a total of $150 million for indemnifying the mogul’s publishing firm News Corp for legal and related payments tied to the phone-hacking scandal. But in a regulatory filing, it added that “U.S. regulators and governmental authorities are conducting investigations relating to the U.K. newspaper matters” and that it is “not possible at this time to estimate the liability, if any, of the company relating to these investigations.”

Wall Street Rewired: Apple, Icahn, and the $17 Billion Tweet
With just two tweets, Carl Icahn raised the value of the Apple empire by $17 billion. That’s $8.5 billion per tweet, and about $62 million per character – including spaces. But it wasn’t just Tim Cook and company that came out ahead when Icahn used Twitter to reveal his “large position” in Apple earlier this week. With those two tweets, the billionaire investor – one of the biggest names on Wall Street – also gave himself an enormous boost. That large position was instantly transformed.




Groupon Launches an Affiliate Platform
Internet Retailer
Groupon Inc. Monday launched the Groupon Partner Network, a self-service e-commerce affiliate marketing platform that aims to broaden the daily deal operator’s reach by enabling online publishers to earn commissions when shoppers click on and buy from links to Groupon offers.

Twitter Hires Former Google Exec to Drive Movie, TV Expansion
The Verge
Twitter has hired Jennifer Prince, former head of Google’s media and entertainment ad sales, to expand its movie and TV partnerships. As Variety reports, Prince will hire a sales team to market Twitter as a valuable “social soundtrack” for televised events, and may look to branch into video games, as well. She officially starts her tenure as head of entertainment sales, based in Santa Monica, California, on August 19th.

GM Set to Offer In-Car Wireless Charging for Smartphones
Automotive News
General Motors will start offering wireless charging for smartphones in some vehicles next year, said Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat Technologies Ltd., which is using a GM investment to help develop the technology. Instead of plugging in cables to replenish battery power, drivers of some 2014 GM models will be able to place mobile devices onto a Powermat surface inside the car to draw electricity.

Tag, You’re Out: Microsoft to Nix its Bar Code Variant
Microsoft is killing its proprietary alternative to QR codes.The company announced the news on Monday, saying that Microsoft Tag will “terminate in two years, on August 19, 2015.” Although it might seem odd that Microsoft would announce the closure so far in advance, the company’s terms of service require that it provide that much notice to users.




WPP Creates Addison Group Merger After Acquisition of Corporate Communications Company, The Group
The Drum
WPP has acquired corporate communications company The Group and will merge it with its own corporate communications specialist, Addison, to create the Addison Group. Founder of The Group, Mark Hill, will become chairman of the new consultancy and it will employ around 120 people with expected revenues of £12m. Addison chief executive Tom Robinson will continue as CEO.

Infographic: Evolution of the PR Industry
Ragan’s PR Daily
What about PR has changed since you started your career? From news clips to news links and newspapers to online readers, this graphic highlights the industry’s major transformations. Ask any Baby Boomer and he or she will be quick to tell you just how much the PR industry has changed in recent years.

Russian PR Execs Embrace Social Media, Need New Skills
The Holmes Report
A modern Russian public relations specialist needs to be a blogger (44 percent), web designer (13 percent) and IT specialist (6 percent), according to the HeadHunter research center and PR consultancy Buman Media, which conducted an online opinion poll among 144 local professionals on the nation’s PR Specialist Day.The key finding is that in Russia-as in so many markets-a PR manager’s job is becoming more about social media.

New PR Certification Program Developed by Rutgers
With the job growth of public relations managers forecasted to grow 16 percent by 2020, Rutgers University is seeking to meet this need by launching a new online Public Relations Certificate.The course, designed for early career communications and public relations professionals, is offered by Rutgers School of Communication and Information (SC&I) Professional Development Studies, and will be taught this fall by public relations industry experts and Rutgers faculty.

Israeli PR Head Issued Warnings Over Racist, Offensive Facebook Postings
Danny Seaman, who recently became the head of Israel’s ‘Internet Hasbara (Hebrew for Propaganda)’ branch of the government, has been issued a warning by the Netanyahu administration for a series of racist and offensive postings against Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Japanese people on his Facebook page.





Role Of Proceurement Soars As Process Replaces Relationships In Agency Comp
Media Post
The study finds that procurement departments now play a role in 82% of agency compensation decisions, up from only 56% in the ANA’s 2010 survey. While brand management teams still are an important factor in those decisions, only 67% of this year’s survey respondents cited brand management as being involved in those decisions. While that is up from 47% in 2010, it shows that compensations decisions are being influenced more by process than relationships, per se.

How Advertising Agencies Can Make Money While They Sleep
Most companies make money while they sleep because they sell products or services with recurring revenue streams. But most professional service firms — like advertising agencies — only make money when they’re logging hours to a time sheet.Under the current time-based billing model, advertising agency income “per unit of work” has fallen 40% during a steady 20-year decline.

Is Big Media Trading Digital Dollars For Analog Dimes?
In 2008, Jeff Zucker, then at NBC Universal, complained that media companies were in danger of “trading analogue dollars for digital pennies.” As chastened media executives repeated the quote over time, it eventually became amended to “trading analogue dollars for digital dimes for mobile pennies.” It seems quaint now.

Advertising Turns to $20 Billion Video Game Industry
You might be surprised to learn who is logging in hours on the newest video games each month. Then again, odds are you may be among the growing demographic of adults sidelining as a gamer. According to the Entertainment Software Alliance, 58 percent of Americans play videogames and the average gamer is 30 years old and has been playing for 13 years. Additionally, the average age of the most frequent game purchaser is 37.





Analyzing Friday’s Google Outage
As you may or may not know near all Google GOOG +1.03% services went down on Friday afternoon. No one outside the company is quite sure what happened as yet: amusing speculations have been that the Googleplex finally gained consciousness or that someone made the mistake of typing Google into Google. One thing we did find out is that according to one real time analysis company internet traffic dropped 40% during those few minutes. Meaning that we could therefore, realistically, say that Google is 40% of internet traffic.

China to Bring Gigabit Internet Speeds to Key Cities by 2020
PC World
China plans to bring gigabit Internet speeds to its major cities by 2020, part of its effort to expand broadband among households in the nation.The Chinese government set out the target in its new broadband strategy announced on Saturday. By 2020, Internet speeds will need to reach 50 Mbps (mega bits per second) in the country’s cities, and 12 Mbps in China’s rural areas.

Security Researcher Hacks Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall To Prove His Exploit Works
Earlier this week, security researcher Khalil Shreateh discovered a Facebook bug that allowed a hacker to post on anyone’s wall – even if they weren’t that person’s friend. While he was able to prove to Facebook that his bug was legit (despite an initial response that it wasn’t a bug at all), Facebook wasn’t too happy with the way he did it: by using the bug to post on Zuckerberg’s otherwise friends-only wall.





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