Trustee to the Employment Commons Opolis Completes $4.75M Funding Round


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Opolis, the Trustee to the Opolis Employment Commons, announced the completion of a Series Seed II equity and grants funding round. Opolis raised $5M from multiple strategic communities, DAOs, DeFi projects, investment syndicates, and high net-worth blockchain and HR-Tech industry investors.

With 20 investors and grantors from six continents, the funding syndicate was one of the most diversified and community-led in the blockchain industry. BadgerDAO, Metacartel Ventures, ConsenSys, MakerDAO Foundation, MetaPurse, AngelDAO, CSP DAO, Pickle Finance, Fission Capital, GIGA Foundation, Senary Ventures, ID Theory, NodeSeeds, Redbeard Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Mitchell Martin, MetisDAO, Magic Labs, Lionschain Capital, and ColoraDAO are among the many that participated in the funding through a combination of equity and grants.

John Paller, Executive Steward of Opolis said, “We set out to demonstrate that ‘communities funding communities’ is the new norm for early-stage funding of key infrastructural projects in Web3. Gathering investors and funders whose long-term goals are in alignment with that of other ecosystem stakeholders was top priority for us. We couldn’t be more grateful for the support of such wonderful communities and their members.”

The Opolis Employment Commons Independent Worker Coalition has grown by more than 2,500 global Members across 63 countries since the launch.

In addition to the funding round syndicate, notable Coalition Organizational Members include APY.Vision, Array.Finance, Bankless, Blockchain Accelerator Foundation, BrightID, ChaysrDAO, Commons Stack, Crux, DAOHaus, ETHDenver, FIO Protocol, Gitcoin, Giveth, MakerDAO, Meta Gamma Delta, Merkle Mountain, NEAR, Quantstamp, Peeps PoolParty, POAP, MetaCartel, Metafactory, MetaGame, RaidGuild, Reflexer, Serotonin, ShapeShift, Sobol, Superfluid, SushiSwap, The Graph, UMA, Unique.One, Wyre, XERO, and over 50 more from the Blockchain and HR-Tech communities.

Bill Warren, a member of the Opolis Employment Commons Board of Stewards and Co-Founder of Peeps PoolParty said, “We are very excited to see so many quality people and organizations joining the Independent Worker Coalition. The future of work is bright and we look forward to reshaping how individuals relate to their employment in a fundamental way.”

Source: Blockchain Wire