The Brian Williams Trust Crisis

BrianWilliamsTrustCrisisBy Nicole Giovia, Contributing Editor,

What’s happening to the news?  The erosion of trust is a crisis facing the media world–and it’s not disappearing anytime soon.   The media world was dealt a blow recently when it came to light that stories were allegedly fabricated by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.  In 2003 Brian Williams gave a report where he claimed to be aboard a helicopter that had taken fire and had to make an emergency landing.  Over the years the story has been retold, and has aired on NBC on several different occasions.

Since it has been revealed that he was on a different helicopter that was not shot at, NBC and Brian Williams have come under fire.  Williams voluntarily stepped away from the news desk for a few days so that NBC could figure out the next steps that need to be taken.

Will Brian Williams retire a midst the crisis? As NBC faces criticism will they protect themselves and let him go, or will he stay with the network? He has been suspended for six months… will there be more?

Will every story he has ever commented on be questioned–Did he really see dead bodies floating in the French Quarter during Katrina? Was Williams really held at gunpoint while Christmas tree shopping?   In a society where trust is a major issue, Does it matter?

With this page we will dig deeper into the issues that arise from the most recent developments. You are invited to contribute your comments and opinions.


JimL1The Brian Williams Personal Integrity Disaster Prevention Axioms

By James E. Lukaszewski ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA

Brian Williams’ career, like most journalists of note, was largely built on catching perpetrators and fakers by spotting those who failed to observe or purposely avoided heeding these axioms. Click here to view the post.




Todd Murphy Vice President Universal Information Services news monitoring and PR measurementBrian Williams: A Contrarian Perspective

By Todd Murphy, Vice President, Universal Information Services

By now there is not much new that can be said about Brian Williams and his factual oversight. The media and comedians are pushing this ongoing love affair consumers have with trusting their media outlets. Click here to view the post.




NBC-Nightly-News-Brian-WilliamsBrian Williams Should Throw His PR Person Under The Bus

 By Mary C. Long, Chief Ghost, Digital Media Ghost

The real conversation isn’t around whether Brian Williams “misremembered” (of course he didn’t) – it’s about accepting blame. And it offers some lessons anyone could benefit from in this age of online egos, particularly whoever advised Williams otherwise.  Click Here to view the post.



"Brian Williams 2011 Shankbone" by David Shankbone - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia CommonsBrian Williams, NBC News – Credibility in Crisis

By David E. Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and the Peacock Network are caught in a major crisis that threatens to undermine their credibility.  Williams was exposed for lying about being shot down in a helicopter during the United States invasion of Iraq by a group of veterans on Facebook. Click Here to view the post.




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