Trump’s Twitter: Nothing To Rant About


Editor’s Note:  This is the second in a three-part video commentary series by Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media.  Doug takes a deep dive into the strategic communications issues tied to the Presidential transition of power.  In Part I, Doug’s focus is Obamacare.  In Part II,  Doug discusses the impact of Trump’s use of Twitter in his campaign and transition into the White House.


It’s not the medium. It’s the message. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media says if you don’t like Trump, it’s dumb politics and dumb journalism to rant about his Twitter use. He’s got history on his side.

FDR was criticized for using radio and then hailed as a genius.

JFK and Reagan used television to great advantage.

Obama used social media to reach millennials.

“If you don’t like Donald Trump, praise Twitter. But bury him for the content and meaning of his messages and actions.”

From the archive: Will Trump’s PR Advantages pave the way for him to the White House? That’s the question Doug Simon asked on May 4, 2016. Guess the Clinton campaign didn’t take his advice.

Video Transcript:

Doug Simon: Stop complaining about Donald Trump and Twitter. I’m Doug Simon of DS Simon Media. And both the media and anti-Trumpers are really bent out of shape about his use of Twitter. And it’s a distraction. Want controversy? FDR, when he started using radio to deliver his message directly to the public. Later, he was hailed as a genius for mastering this medium. JFK and Ronald Reagan both mastered television to great advantage.

Doug: More recently, President Obama used social media to target millennials effectively. So what’s the problem? And why the double Trump standard for his use of Twitter? It’s dumb politics, and it’s dumb journalism. It actually gives Trump a very effective response if you don’t agree with something he’s saying or doing. He can easily parry the criticism of use of Twitter, and that distracts from the real issue that you’re trying to communicate and get across.

Doug: So here’s my advice– if you don’t like Donald Trump, praise Twitter. But bury him for the content and meaning of his messages and actions.

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