TriviaMatic Launches Free Virtual Trivia Happy Hour During the COVID-19 Crisis

Social Connectedness with Physical Distance – #AloneTogether

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Stuck at home? Feeling alone and isolated? TriviaMatic, a New York City start-up, has decided to provide all of their online trivia games for FREE during this international crisis. TriviaMatic will be hosting a Virtual Trivia Happy Hour every night at 8:00pm EST, beginning  Monday, March 23rd. The game will be streamed live on and is available via mobile apps available in the Apple and Android stores free of charge.

Anywhere, anytime. TriviaMatic has made all its trivia games free of charge. Anyone may host their own Trivia Happy Hour by downloading the app and registering as a host. There are many topics to choose from such as 90s TV Shows, Travel, Music. Hollywood, History, Sports and so much more. TriviaMatic’s technology allows people to remotely play #alonetogether while maintaining that much needed human connection. Children’s trivia is coming soon.

Mental health experts are now warning that the effects of being homebound for months will be profound and while physical distancing is important, it is equally important we remain social and in communication with others. These free trivia games are not just entertaining and distracting but allow for people to virtually gather. According to TriviaMatic Co-Founder Todd Fabacher, “We all need a happy hour during this stressful time. TriviaMatic wants to give those confined to their home an opportunity to remotely join a community for an unquestionably fun night. Scientists have proven that playing games together forge emotional connections, releases positive endorphins and relieves stress.” 

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