Trending in 2018: Top 10 Articles


Top 10 Articles in 2018Editor’s Note:  As we close the books on 2018, we celebrate our contributors and their generosity in sharing their wisdom and insight with us. We are grateful that you are a member of the CommPRO community. We look forward to continuing to bring great content to our readers in 2019. If you would like to join our ever-growing list of contributors in 2019, please send an email to

Top 10 Articles


1.)  Humility as an Attribute of Effective Leadership 

2.)  Resume Rules

3.)  How Blockchain Can Rebuild Digital Trust

4.)  How to Read the Mueller Tea Leaves

5.)  Advice for the Data-centric Communicator

6.)  Steve Bannon and POTUS: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

7.)  Ronn Torossian On Kathy Griffin’s Comeback Attempt 

8.)  Tony Robbins Begins His Apology Tour

9.)  The Bright Stuff: 5 Qualities for Becoming a Brand Strategist 

10.)  Cutting Through the Data Wilderness: Next-Gen Communicators Preach Data with a Human Heart


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