Trending in 2018: Top 10 Reports


Trending in 2018: Top 10 ReportsEditor’s Note:  As we close the books on 2018, we celebrate our partners and their generosity in sharing their wisdom and insight with us. We are grateful that you are a member of the CommPRO community. We look forward to continuing to bring great content to our readers in 2019. If you would like to promote your reports, whitepapers and case studies in 2019, please send an email to

Top 10 Reports


1.)  What are the Top Goals for PR People in 2018?

2.)  Download the Data-Driven Influencer Strategy E-Guide

3.)  How to Use LinkedIn for Business and Personal Growth

4.)  Content Strategy: 7 Essential Steps 

5.)  Communicating CSR Across The Globe 

6.)  Report: Healthcare Marketers to Focus on Emerging Tech, Audience Segmenting and Impactful Storytelling in 2018 

7.)  Are You PR Agency Ready? A Before-You-Start An Agency Search Checklist 

8.)  Download: Use Competitive Intelligence to Build a Better Communication Strategy

9.) 4 Takeaways: What Marketers Should Know About Visual Storytelling in 2018

10,) Content Marketing Solutions that Drive Business



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