Travel PR When the Destination Isn’t the Obvious Choice

Travel PR When the Destination Isn't the Obvious Choice - Ronn TorossianRonn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Worldwide tourism is on the rise. Gen Xers and those following them are deeply tied to experience rather than luxury, to travel over large homes and apartments. It’s a complete reverse of what preceded their generation, and for those involved in travel PR and tourism marketing, it’s a godsend. But what are some ideas to take advantage of that, especially for agencies representing the less popular places to travel?

The Experience

Because the current generations are focused on travel experiences, then focusing Public Relations and marketing campaigns should consider what the authentic experience is in the country or area. Not necessarily third world starvation in such cases, but the cultures that have lived and breathed for generations in that place, the history that often are still visible in buildings, how people still live, or smaller communities. Don’t market the dust and death that could be found, but the color and stories, show the night sky that looks like it’s dotted with a million bright diamonds because there are no city lights to compete.

The good news is that as you bring tourists to these areas, it can foster economic growth and produce local jobs, helping the local people move past the harsh realities they have faced in the past. Your efforts can help them build a better place for future visitors to enjoy.

Find Celebrities From the Area as Influencers

If you can find actors or other celebrities who came from that area, then getting them to act as a spokesperson for their native land may really appeal to them. They have left those roots behind them, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to help the people that are still there. Let their connections and platforms work on behalf of the PR for their countries as they support local destinations, charitable activities for the people, and events happening within their countries.

Check Travel Blogs

Travel bloggers will often look for the best of what can be found in an area. If you follow several of them that are known for international travel and adventure, there will be dozens of useful ideas that can be promoted for the good of the area. You might even find opportunities to share the workload with some of them. Let them find the greatness, take pictures, and then sponsor them as they write about it and make a deal to use their pictures and words on brochures or other marketing materials.

Consider a Wide Spectrum

Every place has something to offer. Look for what might be considered adventure, beautiful scenery, mountains or bodies of water, historic landmarks, festivals, and tales of heroic journeys told within that culture. All of it can be used to appeal to those who want to travel for an “experience” and something they’ve never known before.


About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR firm, whose travel clients include Jetsmarter and Cheapoair.