(2017 Update!) Top 3 Questions: How to Choose A Media Monitoring & PR Measurement Service


What you need to know

As tech companies look for easier ways to automate the media monitoring and measurement industry, it's important to know "how" to evaluate the different services. Public relations practitioners, corporate communicators, and those managing business intelligence need to know what questions to ask The big three questions we addressed are designed to empower the professional communicator or knowledge work so they can objectively find the best service for his or her needs. We list what you should ask when shopping for a vendor, or choosing a new vendor. We hope to dispel the myth that "no single vendor can do it all", as well as reinforce the notion "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is".

Choosing a news monitoring and PR measurement service Universal Information Services

As an “insider” to the media contacts, news monitoring, and PR measurement industry, we feel uniquely positioned to help answer the question of, “What’s the best way to shop for a provider of media contacts, news monitoring or PR measurement." This free download is based on recent questions curated from industry blogs, LinkedIn, trade websites, and recurring questions in social media. We hope this helps you make some important decisions, leading you to the best service for your media intelligence needs.    

-Todd Murphy, VP, Universal Information Services









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