How to Mobilize Your School’s Media Command Center (Free Webinar)

Join our team today at 2pm EST for a webinar highlighting our newest capabilities with AllMedia and how they can help monitor colleges & universities, including 24/7 blanket coverage of television, radio, and now over 36,000 online new sites, 20 million blogs, review sites and forums, and social media platforms.

Kye Strance, SVP of Product Devlopment, will walkthrough the growing features of AllMedia and respond to any real-time questions on Twitter @criticalmention during the Webinar.

For more information and to register, click here. We look forward to seeing you there. 

You’ll walk away with learning how to: 

  • Broaden your  media coverage to include broadcast: television and radio and an ability to include more than 36,000 online news sites, 20 million blogs, consumer review sites and forums, Twitter, and public pages from LinkedIn, Facebook and dozens of additional social platforms.
  • Work  across iOS and Android devices, including mobile, tablet and web strategies.
  • Measure through powerful analytics, backed by natural language processing (NLP) to reveal, among other things, when and how news topics spread from medium to medium.
  • Analyze mews alerts, reports and other data and how they are shared among users within an organization, collaborate with others in a real-time environment. 
  • Access cloud-based video upload, editing, curation, tagging and publishing tools allowing fans and followers to submit video in a brand-safe manner.
  • Publish content to the world’s largest social video platforms, including Syndicaster, ClipSyndicate, YouTube and other syndication platforms.