TNS Partners With Leading Growth Marketing Agency Crowdcreate to Energize Digital Names Brand


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Recently launched by DealBox-backed Total Network Services (TNS) Digital Names is an elegant solution to a problem faced by all cryptocurrency users – difficult to use wallet addresses.

To transact on the blockchain digital wallet users need to manage an address consisting of a long, alpha-numeric string of characters that looks like this:


Surveys show that most users experience anxiety around using cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Due to the tamper-proof nature of the blockchain and the absence of a 3rd party in a peer-to-peer transaction, if you get the address wrong by even just one character there’s a chance that money being sent could be lost forever.

Digital Names for cryptocurrency do what domain names did for the internet back in the 90s. Rather than remember a numerical IP address for a website you can simply type in and arrive at the desired destination. With Digital Names rather than risk expensive typos while managing this:


Digital Names work with any cryptocurrency and can be integrated into wallets, exchanges and other blockchain enabled applications via ad simple API.

The wallet will include full banking capabilities for easy fiat to crypto exchange, Digital Names and an innovative biometric authentication system that will eliminate the hassle of dealing with private key management.

To capitalize on their recent success with Digital Names and further build the Digital Names brand, TNS has partnered with the leading blockchain community management and growth marketing agency Crowdcreate.

Source: Blockchain Wire