Tips on Presenting Crypto Assets on a Website

CommPRO Editorial Staff

It is of vital importance that website owners publish content that looks good on their website. If you fill your website’s pages with lots of disorganized images, text, tables, menus, and charts, you can’t expect visitors to stay on the website for long. Not only will you lose visitors, but a poorly presented website will have a negative impact on your site’s ranking on major search engines.

CryptocurrencyWith the cryptocurrency industry booming at the moment, several site owners are wanting to publish information about crypto assets to their websites. Of course, you can take screenshots of the Microsoft Excel tables or Google Sheets charts that you have created and upload these images to your site, but it is unlikely that the images will look professional. On top of this, every time you edit these documents, you will have to take a screenshot and upload them all over again, which can cause a lot of frustration, especially if you need to make minor changes. This is why so many site owners are looking for an easy and professional solution. 

Invest in a Plugin

If you want to create professional charts and tables to display crypto assets on a website, you should consider investing in a WordPress table plugin. There are several plugin developers out there selling similar services, and many of them allow website owners to create responsive charts and tables with ease. 

Once you invest in a plugin, it will be installed on your website. They allow you and anyone else to edit, create tables, and publish them to your site. The best WordPress plugins will help you create different charts for your website without any coding. Before these plugins became available, website owners were forced to create tables using HTML4 tables, which didn’t appeal to everybody. These plugins make the entire process straightforward, from creating to editing to uploading. A well-designed chart or table showing crypto assets will encourage visitors to spend more time engaging with your site. 

Why is it Important To Create Great Looking Tables and Charts?

Website owners must keep in mind that most visitors don’t read a site, they scan through it. Although a table created in Google Sheets might look good to you, it’s doubtful that it will grab the visitor’s attention. Of course, it will have the same information as a fancy table, but it is completely pointless unless people take their time to read the information.

A well-designed table or chart will stand out, so you can expect visitors to take notice, even if they are quickly scanning through your site. It will show professionalism, and your site will earn extra credibility. If you think visitors are going to spend their entire evening reading through endless listings of crypto assets published to your site, think again! It’s far too boring to keep them focused, which is why it is so important to make any visuals on your website easy on the eye. Of course, you don’t need to create a table or a chart, but you must realize that most of your visitors will find data easier to digest when they see it in a visual format. This is why almost all the top cryptocurrency sites use graphs and charts to show the different crypto assets. 

Why Is It Important To Make Dynamic Charts and Tables?

As discussed earlier, you can take a screenshot of the charts and tables you’ve already made, but crypto assets are constantly changing. If you go down this road, you are going to have to create new charts and upload them to your site all day every day, which will cause a lot of headaches. WordPress plugins are designed to simplify the process and allow you to create dynamic charts. With most well-known plugins you will be able to create lots of different responsive charts such as graphs, pie charts, scatter charts, column charts, etc.

Even if you know how to code, other people working for the website might not. Investing in an easy to use plugin will allow people who struggle with coding to make and edit different graphs and charts. 


There are a lot of free trials and demo versions of plugins out there, which allow you to try the plugin before spending a single penny. Even if you can’t find a trial version on the developer’s official website, there is no harm in making contact with them directly. However, not all plugins have the same functions and features, so you might want to shop around until you find one that suits your site. In saying this, even the best plugins available won’t break the bank, which makes them a worthwhile investment. Plus, it can be a lot of fun playing around with the different tables and charts, so why not give it a go!