Tips on Creating A Remote Podcast


Don’t let COVID-19 restrictions prevent you from keeping employees engaged, informed and entertained. Follow this guidance to get your program up and running with minimal tools.



Neil Garrett, VP of Marketing, uStudio

During the current COVID-19 crisis, corporate podcasters might not have access to well-equipped sound studios. Luckily, it’s pretty easy for distributed teams to set up remote podcasts from their home offices. 

Let’s look at the tools available for both the recording and production of remote  podcasts.

Recording remotely

Tools such as Zencastr are inexpensive and allow for recording remote interviews for private podcasts. With this platform, staffers can simply send a URL link to connect with their guests and record a separate audio track per guest. Once they are finished, their recordings can be delivered automatically to their Dropbox or Google Drive account for easy editing and sharing.

For a solo-cast podcast episode, recording content can be as easy as speaking into the “voice memos” app on the user’s iPhone. 

As for where to record, pick a quiet space and minimize flat walls as much as possible to reduce echo. However, depending on editing capabilities, audio can always be edited post-production. Curtains, carpet and soft furnishings can also improve the audio.

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