Thursday, September 5, 2013 (Highlights: Syria Crisis-PR ‘Winners’ & ‘Loser’; Aug Consumer Magazine Launches; 10 Common Press Release Errors; Digital PR Agency Lessons from ‘The Butler’)

 Thursday, September 05, 2013




Crisis in Syria: The PR Winners & Loser (President Obama)
By David E. Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC
Americans and the world have an image of the American President. It is one of strength and resolute actions. They believe to paraphrase Harry Truman, the buck stops with the President. Because of this image, President Obama’s request of Congressional approval to take action against Syria was a public relations disaster after he had drawn a red line about Syrian use of chemical weapons.

Just Released: Mr. Magazine™ on the August Consumer Magazine Launches
August Was A “Special” Month – With 60 Brand New Annuals, Specials & Bookazines Launched and 8 With Regular Frequency
It’s hard to believe Summer of 2013 is almost a memory, but it’s true. Summer is rolling out and making room for a fantastic Fall. But the month of August was very “special” for magazine launches as 60 new Special titles were introduced.

3 Reasons Not To Be A Content Factory
By Susan Young, CEO, Get in Front Communications, Inc.
Pushing out content. It’s a social media priority for every online business professional, blogger, and marketer. Somewhere in the midst of this race for content, we have slipped. I’ve recently seen various tweets from followers who have expressed frustration about a lack of conversation and engagement on the grid. Some may think that 140 characters doesn’t equal conversation. I disagree.

What are the Most Common Errors our Editors Catch in Your Press Releases?
By Phil Dennison, Senior Marketing Specialist, Business Wire
If there’s one thing our customers are almost universally in agreement about, it’s how fantastic our editors are. In our more than 20 newsrooms around the world, our eagle-eyed staff are constantly on the lookout for little errors that might otherwise go unnoticed during the press release writing and approval process.




Digital PR Agency Lessons from “The Butler”
By Cokey Falkow: For the Digital PR Channel
Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” has taken box office honors for two weeks in a row. It’s a thought-provoking film and one of the aspects it brought home to me is how much a business needs the same thing: a really good butler. Just as a good butler stands aside, but is always observing and anticipating ones needs, so a good digital PR agency should be able to unobtrusively tap into conversations …

Fill in the blank: Content is ____ .
For the Agile Engagement Channel
You’re creating it. You’re curating it. You’re publishing, tracking and sharing it. It’s playing a central role in your communications strategy. How do you define content? We’d like to hear your take. Fill in the blank “Content is ___” either by leaving a comment on this post, or tweeting with hashtag #ContentIs. [Tweet this!]

SxSW 2014: A Mobile App to Revolutionize an Industry?
For the Mobile IR Channel
I have had many thought leadership opportunities throughout my 15 years as an investor relations consultant to hundreds of NASDAQ and NYSE listed publicly traded companies. I have shared my expertise on television, on top networks from CNBC to Bloomberg to FOX. I even authored a book on the subject, “Investor Relations: The Art of Communicating Value”. I have also had great …

Can Public Relations Save the Unions?
For the Critical Now Channel
For many unions, their bargaining powers have greatly diminished with strike contingency plans…and the public image of unions has also tarnished in the light of recent publicity. Will the unions survive?




Set Your Conference Strategy to Maximize Your Experience
PRSA 2013 International Conference
Editor’s note: This is the second post in a series of guest posts from the PRSA Philadelphia publicity committee leading up to the PRSA 2013 International Conference, October 26 — 29. Follow the Conference conversation by searching the hashtag #PRSAICON and following our PRSA National Events Twitter handle, @PRSAevents. Strategy. In our profession, we’re thinking about strategy …

IN-PERSON EVENT – Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling – Chicago
For the Agile Engagement Channel
The presence of content in its various forms across the digital landscape has given rise to an era of instant gratification–a time where anyone can search for a topic of their choosing or send out a message through their social channels to obtain relevant information. As organizations seek to maintain visibility …





Analysis – U.S. Cable Consumers Face More Blackouts, Higher Prices
Cable and satellite customers beware. Prepare for more blackouts of major stations and keep a close eye on that cable bill.The cost of a deal announced Monday between Time Warner Cable (TWC.N) and CBS (CBS.N), that ended a month-long blackout of the main CBS channel and its Showtime cable offering in New York and Los Angeles, is likely to be passed onto the consumer.

Pete Wells Calls Tipping ‘Irrational, Outdated, Ineffective’
New York Times critic Pete Wells has jumped into the national debate about tipping and has come out against the practice. In his article on the subject, Wells suggests that tipping does not guarantee better service as is its intended purpose. Rather, he says tipping is “irrational, outdated, ineffective, confusing, prone to abuse and sometimes discriminatory.

New York Fashion Week is Set to Feature its First Plus-Size Fashion Label
Daily Life
This year’s New York Fashion Week is set to feature its first plus-size fashion label. Ever. Cabiria, the label owned by New York designer Eden Miller, will be the first plus-size label to showcase in the Fashion Week’s 70 year history.

Nestlé Launches Android-Kit Kat Spoof
The Globe and Mail
To celebrate its new marketing partnership with Google Inc., Kit Kat is breaking off a piece of the tech companies’ marketing style. Nestlé SA’s chocolate bar brand has revamped its website to mimic Google’s marketing for its Android devices, one day after the two companies announced that the latest Android operating system will be named Kit Kat and will be co-marketed with specially branded candy bars.




Did the Market Just Undergo a Flash Hiccup?
Fierce Finance
About 2 weeks after the Nasdaq suffered a historic 3-hour outage, the same system at the center of the storm, the Securities Information Processor, apparently was acting up again. Nasdaq says the SIP wasn’t operating between 11:35 and 11:41 a.m. for stock symbols PC through SPZ. Nasdaq said trading was not affected, but exchange operator Direct Edge contradicted that. It said it temporarily halted trading in some Nasdaq-listed securities between 11:43 a.m. and 11:48 a.m., as noted by Reuters.

August Auto Sales: Detroit Automakers Don’t Have Enough Cars to Sell
The Los Angeles Times
Strong August auto sales numbers revealed a problem last month that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler once would have begged for — not enough cars to sell. All three automakers posted double-digit gains in sales last month and they reported tight inventories on some models. For Ford Motor Co. it’s the Fusion sedan and Explorer and Escape crossovers; they just can’t build them fast enough enough.

Hollywood Has Record Summer at Box Office
Final summer box office came in slightly higher than expected, at $4.75 billion – a new record, up nearly 8% over the $4.4 billion summer benchmark set in 2011. Admissions, at approximately 567 million, saw a four-year high, but not a record, according to the National Assn. of Theater Owners. Year-to-date domestic B.O., totaling $7.67 billion, also eclipsed last year’s record-setting pace, though total admissions, at 940 million, are down 2%.

Lending Start-Up CommonBond Raises $100 Million, With Pandit as Investor
New York Times
Vikram S. Pandit has been on the sidelines of the banking industry since resigning as chief executive of Citigroup last October. But with a new investment, Mr. Pandit is betting an upstart lender will be able to compete with the giants of Wall Street. Mr. Pandit is among the investors in a round of financing raised by CommonBond, a Brooklyn-based start-up that lends to M.B.A. students and refinances existing debt.





All Public Twitter Posts Indexed by Analytics Firm
GMA News
A San Francisco startup said Wednesday it has indexed all public Twitter posts dating back to the first ‘tweet’ ever fired off seven years ago.Topsy is making the compendium of tweets available to marketers, businesses and others to “extract meaningful signals from the social media noise.” The analytics firm said it offers “the entire history of public tweets on Twitter, dating back to the first-ever tweet by Jack Dorsey in March 2006.”

U.S. Global Competitiveness Rising Once Again
Time Magazine
(GENEVA) – The United States’ competitiveness among global economies is rising again after four years of decline, though northern European countries continue to dominate the rankings published annually by the World Economic Forum. In its latest survey, released Wednesday, the Forum ranked the U.S. – the world’s largest economy – in fifth place for overall competitiveness, up from seventh last year.

P&G Plans Bargain Version of Tide
Investor Place
Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Procter & Gamble is discussing the launch of a new discount liquid detergent with retailers.The new product would be a lower-priced version of its popular Tide laundry detergent, possibly called Tide Simple. It would mark the second time in several years that Procter & Gamble has attempted to launch a bargain brand for Tide.

IBM’s Watson Set To Revolutionize Marketing
When a computer can figure out whether a movie trailer is going to positively affect an audience or not – it makes you wonder how close we are to computer generated predictions on everything else in life. The short answer, according to Michael Karasick, IBM’s VP and Research Director at Almaden Labs, is that IBM IBM -0.45%’s Watson is already making them.

Campbell K-cups to Make Keurig into Soup Machine
US News & World Report
If you ever wanted soup to come out of your coffee machine, you’re in luck.Campbell Soup Co. says it will start offering K-cup soup packs that can be made with Green Mountain’s popular single-serve coffee machines. The soups include a K-cup pack of broth that is brewed over a packet of dry pasta and vegetables. “It’s delicious soup at the touch of a button,” Campbell CEO Denise Morrison said in a phone interview.




How the Assads Have Used Washington PR Firms to Makeover Their Image
With the White House and Congress seemingly on the same page when it comes to their mutual dislike of Syria, I can’t help but wonder what Syrian President Bashir Assad thinks of all this. Yes, he has been leading an authoritarian regime for decades, has suppressed his own people, and seriously violated international law by using chemical weapons against them. But he used to have a relatively decent relationship with Washington, at least on K Street..

Android KitKat: Is Nestle Tie-in a PR Disaster for Google?
Know Your Mobile
It’s easy to imagine the looks of glee on the faces of Nestlé executives when they masterminded the idea of working with Google to make “KitKat” the official codename of the Android 4.4 update. Google’s penchant for naming its software iterations after sweets and confectionary was an open goal as far as marketeers were concerned – the biggest shock is that it’s taken this long for one of these massive food companies to hook up with the search giant





What the FTC’s Recent Updates Mean to Native Advertising
Ad Age Digital Next
As everyone piles into native advertising, hoping that making ads resemble editorial will better engage consumers, critics argue that the risk of misleading is only going to grow. So what are marketers’ and media companies’ obligations as far as the government is concerned? Here’s what the Federal Trade Commission’s approach to search marketing and those Coca-Cola cups on “American Idol” means for your native advertising, according to attorney Brian Heidelberger.

Growing the TV Advertising Pie
The Guardian UK
The past few years have transformed the activity of ‘watching TV’, with consumers now expecting to see what they want, when they want on the device in front of them when they make that decision. Research regularly supports this – in July, a YouView study revealed that catch-up on platforms such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player now accounts for a fifth of the UK’s television viewing.

News Corp. Sells Newspaper Group to Fortress for $87 Million
News Corp. (NWSA), the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, sold local newspapers such as Oregon’s Ashland Daily Tidings and Massachusetts’ Cape Cod Times to an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group LLC (FIG) for $87 million. The Dow Jones Local Media Group operates 33 publications, including eight daily newspapers and 15 weeklies, News Corp. said yesterday. Newcastle Investment Corp. (NCT), a real estate investment trust managed by Fortress, acquired the publications, it said in a separate statement Wednesday.





Samsung’s Smartwatch Panned as a Limited, ‘Overpriced Toy’
Early reaction to Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, announced Wednesday in Berlin, was decidedly downbeat if not downright negative. Several analysts said that a $299 pricetag for the smartwatch alone is too expensive. They also objected to Samsung’s requirement of pairing the smartwatch with a newer Samsung device via Bluetooth 4.0. Those compatible devices include the new Galaxy Note 3, a 5.7-in. phablet announced Wednesday, which could add an additional $150 to $200 to the total cost.

Qualcomm Jumps into Wearables with Toq Smartwatch
Qualcomm on Wednesday unveiled its Toq smartwatch, becoming the latest technology company to take on the hot wearables market. Like other smartwatches on the market, Toq doesn’t have the full functionality of a smartphone or tablet. Rather, it syncs with users’ smartphones, allowing them to quickly scan through texts, phone calls, and other alerts, such as calendar and WhatsApp notifications, without taking their phones out of their bags. It runs on Qualcomm’s operating system and uses the company’s low-power mirasol display.

Sony Launches Camera Phone with Add-on Lenses
The Salt Lake Tribune
BERLIN • Sony Mobile unveiled a new addition to its Xperia smartphone lineup Wednesday: a device that sports a massive 20.7-megapixel camera and is capable of attaching better lenses.The Xperia Z1, presented in Berlin two days before the annual IFA consumer electronics show there, is Sony’s attempt to leapfrog rivals such as Nokia and Samsung in the race for the phone with the best camera.





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