Thursday, September 12, 2013 (Includes: Mayer Says Yahoo Traffic Has Grown 20% Since She Joined; Earned vs. Paid Video; TV’s ‘Age of Disruption’; Corporate America Has Given Up on Investing; Volkswagen Pulling Plug on Minibus)

 Thursday, September 12, 2013




Viva Newsweek, Adios The Daily Beast?
A Mr. Magazine™ Commentary
What goes around comes around. Last year The Daily Beast thought it had the last laugh when it was announced that Newsweek, the 80+ year-old, established magazine, and brand, will end its print edition after being merged with the almost unknown brand (outside the circles of the media,) The Daily Beast. Well, the first rebirth of Newsweek came from overseas where the magazine returned to …

Why Marketers Still Can’t Get Customer Engagement Right: 4 Quick Fixes to Get it Right
By Molly Millar (@mollyemillar) Research Director, Vision Critical
Engage your customers. Ask any marketing professional for social media advice and you’ll likely be told to engage with your customers as frequently as possible. They’ll tell you to ask smart questions and to ‘humanize’ your brand. You’re likely to hear how you need to “join the conversation.” Gathering customer input has …

Body Language Will Make or Break Future Leaders
By Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D
In the future, leaders who believe that what they say carries more weight than anything they do, will be asked to step down from that position — or simply step down. The most successful leaders will be those whose policies, actions, behaviors, and, yes, body language are strategically aligned with their verbal messages. From “The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can …

Deciphering the Convoluted World of Government ‘Jargon’
By Robert R. Mander, Founder,®
Convoluted government jargon is both a problem of unparalleled magnitude and notorious. Unparalleled because in a democracy, it affects everyone, not just a specialized segment of society. Notorious-well, where were alphabet soup and bureaucratic red tape invented? Take sequester, a government buzzword du jour. My Webster’s Intercollegiate dictionary defines it as “an across-the-board …




Earned, Paid, Owned and Shared Video Case Study
By Larry Thomas, President of Latergy Video Marketing and Public Relations: For the Latergy Social Video Channel
If you’ve worked in public relations and have been charged with generating ‘earned media’ then you know what it means to look for the news hook. As a professional service provider with a focus on video I know and cherish a solid hook, a juicy story … anything that will appeal to the gate keepers in the …

The Future of Content in Search & on the Social Web
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Content is more than information –it’s storytelling that provides meaningful experiences and inspires action. Lee Odden (@leeodden) of TopRank Online Marketing drove home the importance of emotion as he delved into the “Future of Content on Search and Social Web” at Content Marketing World (#CMWorld) Tuesday.The future of content is visual, real-time, mobile, human and …

The Business Solution to Poverty: Can Anyone Survive On Crumbs?
By Joe Sibilia, CSRwire CEO: For the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
Editor’s Note: Next week we begin an exclusive series with social entrepreneur, impact investor and author Mal Warwick based on his latest book The Business Solution to Poverty. He will explore the nuances of poverty, why conventional efforts to eradicate global poverty have failed, and why only business can …




Content to Conversion: Setting the Stage for Success
Content is your catalyst, creating audience engagement. When content is king, earned media plays a stronger role in driving your organization’s success. But don’t lose sight of what your content is supposed to achieve! At the start of every campaign you must ask, “What is the action that you want your audience to take next?” Be it views, shares or sales, actions are one of the keys to every …

LIVE EVENT – Kick Off The Season With Live Video
NIRI San Francisco Event
The first meeting of the 2013-14 season will be held on Thursday, September 12th at 5:30 pm PT, and will focus on Social Media and IR. We’re going to demonstrate– in real-time–a live production of a video earnings call. Video Earnings Calls: a trend or just more work? Find out with your “backstage pass” at a live video earnings production NIRI members will experience first-hand …

Welcome to Act 4…Don’t Let Digital Scare You — The Power of Print Integrated
LIVE – A Mr. Magazine™ Event
Change was, is and will continue to be the only constant in the magazine and magazine media world. However, change has evolved from the slow-moving, steam-powered train, to a nuclear-impelled, speed-possessed bullet.The Magazine Innovation center at the University of Mississippi, which I founded …




TV Entering ‘Age of Disruption,’ Per HRTS Kickoff Lunch
The TV industry is “entering an age of disruption,” NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert said Tuesday, during a wide-ranging discussion about the state of the business as part of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s annual fall-season kickoff lunch. Although most of the panelists indicated they don’t see the system being completely undermined any time soon, Harbert (pictured) acknowledged that trends like binge viewing…

A Tweeting Pope Raises Questions About Social Media’s Effect on the Church
Daily Beast
I suppose it is not surprising the Creator of the Universe would eventually catch up with 21st-century technology. While the Scriptures may have been useful in their time, nothing compares with social media in the modern world if you want to reach people directly. In particular, a recent pronouncement from the Vatican suggests that at least part of God’s plan for us on earth mimics a trend now occurring in higher education, in what one might call Massive Online Open Salvation (perhaps MOOS for short).

Volkswagen is Pulling the Plug on the Longest-Running Model in Automotive History
Some 60 years ago, the first VW Transporters-or camper vans as they’re better known-were first assembled in São Paulo, Brazil. This December, the country will build the world’s very last one. Germany shuttered its production of the minibus back in 1979, and Mexico followed suit in 1994. Since, Brazil has been the sole producer of the VW camper van. Volkswagen is discontinuing production of the iconic vehicle at the end of the year because it doesn’t comply with Brazil’s newest safety laws.

Yahoo Traffic Has Grown 20 Percent Since She Joined, Says Marissa Mayer
Yahoo now has 800 million monthly active users globally, according to CEO Marissa Mayer. That’s up 20 percent since last July, when she joined the company, and driven by 350 million monthly mobile users, as well as growth in traffic to the Yahoo homepage, search and core properties. It also doesn’t include the recent Yahoo acquisition Tumblr. The numbers Mayer disclosed seem to show a reversal of trends from earlier this year, though they’re not perfectly apples to apples, when comScore metrics showed declines in Yahoo’s U.S. homepage, mail and search traffic.

Tina Brown to Leave Daily Beast to Focus on Conferences
The New York Times
Tina Brown, one of the magazine industry’s most well-known editors and founder of The Daily Beast, announced Wednesday that she is leaving the Web site to start her own conference company. Her departure ends a partnership with her financial backer, Barry Diller, the chairman of IAC/InterActiveCorp, that began in 2008.




Corporate America Has Given up on Investing
This week, Verizon and its bankers begin shopping the world’s largest issuance of corporate debt. The company is looking for a blockbuster $20 billion loan at an interesting time for the bond world. Interest rates are far higher than they were a few months back, but still low by historical standards-the market’s appetite for a huge new swath of bonds will tell us a lot about where investors think rates are going. But for the actual world, this record-setting proposition is surprisingly boring. A never-before-seen spurt of corporate borrowing isn’t going to finance some exciting new investment that will bring new jobs…

China’s Wanda Group Has $5 Billion War Chest for Overseas Acquisitions, Chairman Says
Hollywood Reporter
Chinese real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, who last year bought North America’s AMC theater chain for $2.6 billion, says his Wanda group has a war chest of up to $5 billion every year to acquire foreign assets, a potent signal of the group’s overseas ambitions. “Every year we should have around a few billion U.S. dollars,”

Dell Said to Have Enough Votes for $24.9 Billion Buyout
Dell Inc. (DELL) and Silver Lake Management LLC have secured enough votes for approval of their proposed $24.9 billion leveraged buyout, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Holders of two-thirds of the voting shares have indicated their support for the proposed transaction, the largest leveraged buyout since 2007, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the outcome isn’t public.

Southeastern Buys 12% Stake In News Corp For $397M
Southeastern Asset Management has purchased a 12% voting stake in News Corp (NASDAQ:NWSA) (NASDAQ:NWS), according to an SEC filing on Tuesday. Southeastern Asset Management had teamed up with Carl Icahn to oppose Michael Dell’s $24.8 billion buyout bid for Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL). They argued that Michael Dell and Silver Silver Lake Partners’ offer significantly undervalued the computer maker. Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management had also proposed an alternative offer. But Carl Icahn dropped his bid last week. Though their resistance to Michael Dell and Silver Lake’s bid resulted into a sweetened offer.

France’s Vivendi Plans Split of Media, Telecoms Businesses
France 24
French media and telecoms giant Vivendi said Wednesday it is planning to split its businesses into two entities, essentially separating its internet and mobile phone unit SFR from its media operations which include Universal Music. “The final decision of this split could be made at the beginning of next year and put to the 2014 annual general meeting,” the group said in a statement. The group posted a 11.2 percent slump in net profit…

Number of China Billionaires Surpasses 300 – Report
Voice of America
A Beijing-based publication says the number of billionaires in China has risen to more than 300 in the last year. The Hurun Report’s 2013 China Rich List says there are now 315 billionaires in the country, the first time the number has surpassed 300. Rupert Hoogewerf, who publishes the Hurun Report, told VOA the trend is impressive, considering China is going through an economic slowdown.

CBS Bests Media Stocks With Time Warner Victory: Riskless Return
CBS Corp. which last week won higher programming fees from Time Warner Cable Inc., is proving the best investment among major media companies. The most-watched TV network in the U.S., CBS produced the highest risk-adjusted return for the past three years of the 16 companies listed in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Media Index, according to the BLOOMBERG RISKLESS RETURN RANKING. The stock more than tripled in the period, making up for above-average volatility, as media companies rebounded from the 2007-2009 economic crisis.




Going Public Makes Companies Less Innovative
Facebook bumpy first year as a public company recently sparked debate about the creative benefits of private ownership. The social giant drew heavy criticism for what some felt was an awkward adaptation to the increasing importance of mobile, as well as for a series of copyright and privacy controversies. Only in recent weeks did Facebook’s share price top its IPO price. Before its inevitable listing, the company is said to have…

Apple’s Challenge: Marketing A ‘New Coat Of Paint’
Media Post
Perhaps the biggest surprise of Tuesday’s Apple press conference was that there was little surprise. The company still has enough mojo that observers hope for an announcement out of Apple’s white skies that might disrupt entire product lines. But yesterday does not seem to be one of those “Creative Destruction Days” that Nick Bilton talked about in Monday’s New York Times unless, say, you’re selling high-tech pedometers for 100 bills and are now running against Apple’s new M7 “motion-coprocessor.”

How the ‘Failure’ Culture of Startups Is Killing Innovation
Far from being the measure of disgrace it once was, failure now seems to be a sort of badge of honor. But underlying many popular Silicon Valley failure clichés is entrepreneurs’ belief that “starting companies these days is akin to doing research in the past” – as if we don’t need research when the opportunity to fail is so readily available. Somewhere along the way, it got to be uncool to reduce one’s risk of failure. Part of this may be because the risk of failure is dramatically lower than it used to be.

Toys “R” Us Announces Tabeo e2 8-Inch Tablet
The Droid Guy
One of the market segments that device manufacturers are turning their eyes on lately are kids. The recent introduction of kid friendly tablets just goes to prove that there is a need for such devices since kids today are fascinated with this type of technology. This is why Toys “R” Us has announced that it will soon be releasing a new 8-inch tablet called the Tabeo e2.




Is the Traditional PR Agency Model f****d? This PR Man Thinks So
The Drum
Something happened the other day. It was only a little thing, nothing but a digital flicker, but it contained a simple, and unequivocal, message: the PR industry, in its current guise at least, is f****d. The message came in the form of a tweet from a national business journalist I follow, who is also a pal of mine. He was after some views from an expert for a story he was writing and the moment I saw the tweet I thought: “I have just the client for you”.

Innovator 25 Insights: PR Lacks Innovation
The Holmes Report
Last week, the Holmes Report launched its inaugural Innovator 25 that spotlights those who have challenged the industry to do things differently. Among them, 21 participated in an online survey that assess how the industry has responded to changing market dynamics. Most strikingly, the vast majority described the PR industry’s level of innovation as lagging – but even this varies significantly depending on each respondent’s vantage point. The survey also revealed surprisingly disparate responses on where innovation needs to happen.

Four Trends Shaping the PR Agency of the Future
B & T
For an industry that excels in repositioning, our PR industry looks spookily similar to what it did 10 years ago. rands are still mostly buying traditional publicity campaigns from PR agencies (albeit with more online media titles). In many ways the GFC averted an identity crisis for the PR industry. Despite watershed changes to the mediascape…




Yahoo APAC Teams with Wharton Future of Advertising Program
Yahoo Asia Pacific is collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Future of Advertising Program (WFoA) to jointly develop an industry framework for native advertising, a rapidly emerging form of digital advertising. The framework will act as a guideline for maximizing the effectiveness of native advertising. Online advertising is evolving with less obtrusive formats such as native ads, which have high engagement rates because they blend advertising seamlessly with the digital content environment.

Ho, ho, ho: Christmas Advertising Starts Earlier and Earlier
With only a mere 105 shopping days till Christmas, the holiday advertising season kicked off September 9. It used to be that Christmas-gift advertising had the decency to wait until after Thanksgiving to start running. Then the norm became after Election Day. Then after Halloween. “In years past,” writes Advertising Age, “it’s not been unusual for retailers to begin digital promotions or social media efforts well in advance of the holidays. But TV ads have typically been kept under wraps until late October.”

The New Don Drapers: Hollywood Comes Calling for Droga5
New York Observer
The cigarette may have been replaced by a smartphone, the commercials may have given way to streaming video, and reach is now measured by retweets, but some things in advertising stay the same. Like the Mad Men myth, Droga5’s story starts with alcohol. Andrew Essex was the executive editor of Details magazine and was looking for advertising execs to include in the magazine’s annual power list.

Media Firm: Let Campaigns Skip Disclosures on Mobile Ads
I’m a candidate for office and I approve this message. Unless you’re using an iPhone, that is. A top digital media firm is asking the Federal Election Commission to exempt mobile ads from the traditional disclosure statements that apply to political ads. The argument from Revolution Messaging – founded by Obama for America’s 2008 external online director Scott Goodstein – mobile ads and banners for iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerrys and other cellular device simply are too small.





Valve to Launch Free Game Sharing Service
Computer and Video Games
A new initiative, called Family Sharing, allows one person to share their library of Steam games across ten other devices, giving other users access to their purchased titles. The feature will become available next week in a limited beta, Valve said. Currently, the only way Steam users can theoretically allow their friends and family to play their games is to provide them access into their account. However, if customers use the Family Sharing service, multiple people will be able to access Steam…

Pandora Picks Online Advertising Vet Brian McAndrews as CEO
Geek Wire
Brian McAndrews, the former CEO of online advertising juggernaut aQuantive and partner at Seattle venture capital firm Madrona Venture Group, has been named chairman and CEO of online radio service Pandora. McAndrews led aQuantive for a number of years, culminating in its sale to Microsoft for $6.3 billion in 2007, at the time the largest acquisition in the software giant’s history.

Exclusive Photos of Amazon’s Completely Redesigned Next-gen Kindle Fire HD
There really isn’t much mystery remaining as Amazon prepares to unveil its second-generation Kindle Fire HD tablets and its third-generation Kindle Fire slate in the coming weeks. First we published exclusive details about Amazon’s entire 2013 tablet lineup and then we followed up by revealing all of the key specs for the upcoming new Kindle Fire HD tablets as well as the new entry-level Kindle Fire. Amazon’s new high-definition slates are shaping up to be two of the most impressive tablets in the world when they debut, and anticipation is…

PayPal Lights Beacon for Hands-Free Payments
Tech News World
PayPal on Monday announced new technology that aims to make paying for goods as simple as walking into a store. Specifically, PayPal Beacon is a contactless payment system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with customer handsets to send offers and complete transactions. The mobile wallet-like payment system lets consumers pay for purchases hands-free, often without standing in line or waiting. Retailers start by plugging a PayPal Beacon device into a power outlet in their store.





Emerging Market Businesses Face Significant Trust Deficit
Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.


The Future of Marketing Has Little To Do With Marketing
Brian Solis

Looking Beyond Ethics Month

13 Actionable Conference Content Marketing Tips
Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

Marketing Agility: Do You Measure Up?
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