Thursday, Sept 26, 2013 (Includes: Activist Shareholders Good for Investors?; Marketing Lessons from ‘Breaking Bad’; Online Reputation Management Tips; Esquire Magazine ‘At Its Best’)

 Thursday, September 26, 2013




Top Ten Marketing Lessons Learned from Breaking Bad
By Paolina Milana
All good things must come to an end. But if you are, as I am, a self-proclaimed #bbaddict, then you’re already experiencing withdrawals in anticipation of the series finale of Breaking Bad–truly a great thing that sadly is soon to be no more. As homage to what has become my favorite TV show, I thought I would follow in Walter White’s teaching footsteps by sharing a few important marketing …

Online Reputation Management: 8 Ways to Manage Yours
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
What is your online reputation? Have you checked lately? Today’s online world is a true open forum. This is a double-edged sword. Anyone can post comments about you. Your personal information can easily be found. According to CareerBuilder, about 37% of companies use social networks to research candidates. So, what if your boss happens on a picture of you that …

Esquire At Its Best: Editor David Granger Talks About Print, Digital and the Future of Journalism
Mr. Magazine™ Minute and Interview with David Granger
With a tag line, ‘Man At His Best’, Esquire magazine enters its 9th decade of life with much deserved fanfare. The printed magazine is having one of its best years, the Esquire Weekly has dawned on the tablets, the Esquire Black Book is a must have for men, and last, but not least, the new Esquire Network launched …




Infographic: YouTube, The 2nd Largest Search Engine
For the Latergy Social Video Channel
Clients ask if they should post video we produce on YouTube even though its also hosted in another player they completely control. My answer is usually yes if they are trying to reach a public audience. Post it there even if your audience isn’t likely to go to YouTube to find your video because it will improve Google search results and YouTube is also a powerful, popular search engine.

3 Travel Marketing Strategies to Drive Engagement
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
The current generation of people who travel are “smart.”They expect to receive personalized messages with content that matters to them from marketers. Because of this trend, it is increasingly important for travel marketers to combine best practices with creative content to ensure their subscriber engagement not only stays intact, but flourishes.

Do You Notice Any Meaningful Difference Between Investor Relations Websites? (Infographic)
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Are investor relations websites important? Of course they are. This month’s IR Magazine article titled “IR Websites: overpriced and underused” highlighted some of the interesting findings of our newly updated Shareholder Confidence 365 study.The questions that arise from the study is in context to the level …

Bunches of Lunches
For the Critical Now Channel
Recent federal cuts make a strong call for local governments and private organizations to feed the growing thousands of impoverished schoolchildren nationwide.




The Art of Visiting Philadelphia
PRSA 2013 International Conference
As you’re planning your trip to Philadelphia for the PRSA 2013 International Conference, you may be wondering, “what is the hottest ticket in Philadelphia?” The answer may surprise you. The lines are still forming outside the Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia’s newest art museum. The Barnes opened just a year ago, and it comes with a public …

In The Office With Kay Koplovitz, Founder of USA Network
In the last 10 years 2 million more women than men hold college degrees in the US. Seventy percent of current high school valedictorians are women. Yet, the further up the management ladder you go, women continue to be increasingly underrepresented, holding only 10 percent of S&P executive positions with a measly 3 percent of Fortune 500 companies run by women …

How Multicultural Women Get Ahead…In The Office With Denise Evans, VP, Market Development, IBM
Join Denise Evans and Janet Salazar as they share their corporate cultural experience. IBM is rated the #1 company for top leaders. According to FORTUNE, IBM goes beyond and above grooming people to be leaders. Denise will tell Janet Salazar how multicultural women get ahead at IBM and what you need to do!




IndoorAtlas Hopes to Unlock the “Holy Grail of Advertising” With Magnetic-Field Mapping
Fast Company
With today’s technology, it seems like almost every bit of Earth has been mapped–even parts of the underwater world. But it’s a different story inside buildings. With the accuracy of GPS faltering indoors and radio waves providing marginal improvement, navigating inside isn’t as simple as firing up a maps application.

Hey, Big Spender: Small Companies Start Advertising for Investors
Marketplace Business
For the first time since the Great Depression, private U.S. companies and even hedge funds can advertise when they are trying to raise money. Advertise to millionaire investors, that is, thanks to new Securities and Exchange Commission rules for the 2012 JOBS Act. How are they doing it? “We’re gonna start working on our own website, and then spread naturally from there into social media,” says Rick Field, founder of artisanal pickle company Rick’s Picks in New York.

Are Activist Shareholders Good for Investors?
Interactive Investor
Hollywood’s summer blockbuster films have been a costly flop this summer. One man revelling in the Hollywood A-listers’ embarrassment is the New York hedge fund billionaire Daniel Loeb, whose firm Third Point revealed in May that it owns a 7% stake in Sony (SON). Loeb is lobbying for a break-up of the Japanese electricals giant, whose entertainment unit is the maker of a number of those failing films. Loeb is one of a growing number of activist investors who look for profit by taking small but significant stakes in companies and then lobbying for reforms they expect to release shareholder value.




Hong Kong Bourse Sticks to Rulebook on Alibaba IPO
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. (388), the world’s second-largest bourse operator by market value, is making a stand for transparency in the competition for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s initial public offering. Alibaba is moving toward a U.S. listing after talks with the bourse broke down following management’s proposal for a governance structure that leaves executives in control, according to two people familiar with the matter. China’s largest e-commerce firm is leaning toward making the New York Stock Exchange its home market…

Ali Money
Business Standard
Alibaba’s preference for New York over Hong Kong could end up improving corporate governance in both cities. The Chinese internet giant is rethinking the venue for a potential initial public offering after Hong Kong regulators balked at its unusual governance structure. While the city-state deserves credit for sticking to its principles, Alibaba’s model leaves less room for conflict than the dual-class share structures that are prevalent in New York.

IPOs: Words Can Be Rocket Fuel
Investor Place
Think IPO investors are mostly focused on the numbers? Probably … but wordplay might be just as important. Take the recent hot deal from Rocket Fuel (FUEL), which is up around 110% despite the fact that other companies in its sector, like Tremor Video (TRMR) and YuMe (YUME), were duds at the time. As I noted a few weeks before the deal hit the market, the Rocket Fuel S-1 downplayed the ad-tech angle.

Why Most Startups Don’t ‘Get’ Press
First Round Review
“I can’t tell you how many times we’ve met with early-stage companies, and they start by telling us their big vision. They say, ‘This is what we’re about and what we want to change.’ But when we ask them what they actually do, they can’t tell us. If you can’t answer that question, don’t do anything else until you can. Nothing else matters.” This is Brooke Hammerling, unfiltered.




Twitter Launches Alerts for Getting Crucial info in Emergencies
Twitter said Wednesday morning it has launched Alerts, a new system designed to help users get crucial information in the event of an emergency. Following on Twitter’s implementation of a similar system called Lifeline in Japan last year, Alerts is meant to deliver the most important — and accurate — information from “credible organizations during emergencies, natural disasters or moments when other communications services aren’t accessible.”

What Kinds of Advertising Do Consumers Trust the Most?
Ad Age Digital Next
Here is some good news for marketers: More consumers trust advertising compared with six years ago, according to a new report from Nielsen that polled people in 58 countries. While word-of-mouth recommendations remain a brand’s best friend by far, confidence in various forms of paid advertising are up across the board, with the exception of newspaper advertising, which fell slightly, according to the “Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages” report.

Bezos: Kindle HDX Won’t Make Money, and I Don’t Care
Daily Beast is launching a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet-but with an unusual twist for the market that might leave consumers scratching their heads. Amazon’s upcoming high-end tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX, will pack a bunch of new features, including one called Mayday that will allow users to video chat with tech support and fix their devices from wherever they are. “You can press this button, and a tech support advisor will appear on your screen and copilot you through anything you might wanna do.




CEOs Struggling to Deliver on Sustainability
Chief executives across the world believe firmly in sustainability but don’t believe that business is doing enough for a sustainable future, the UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study 2013 has found. The study, which collects insights from 1,000 chief executives across 103 countries and 27 industries, reveals that 97 per cent see sustainability as important to the future success of their business. And a further 84 per cent believe that business should lead the way in delivering sustainability.




Dauman: A La Carte Not the Answer
Broadcasting & Cable
Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman told an industry audience Tuesday that proposals to bring a la carte programming to consumers will not lower content costs. “When you really sit down and explain to legislators or regulators what would happen in a so-called a la carte world, it’s not good for consumers,” Dauman said at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference in New York. “The system as it exists allows a lot of choice for a reasonable price. The price to pick networks that you think you want now would go up in an a la carte world.

What ‘A La Carte’ TV Would Mean For Advertisers
Ad Age Digital Next
No matter how many arguments are made against a la carte as a remedy for the broken pay-TV model, the idea just won’t die. The dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS, which took the Eye Network off the air for a month in some markets and the possibility of several more high-profile disputes before the end of the year continue to generate buzz for a TV-programming model that offers consumers greater choice.

UK Top Country in Western Europe for Ad Spend Per Person, While Australia Tops Worldwide
The Drum
The UK is the second country in the world and the top country in Western Europe for ad spend per person, research from eMarketer’s latest Global Media Intelligence Report has found. The research, carried out in collaboration with Starcom MediaVest Group, estimates ad spend in the UK at $540 per person this year, while Australia, which is the top country for ad spend, is at $582 per person.

Lloyd’s List, the World’s Oldest Newspaper, to Give Up on Print
The Guardian UK
Lloyd’s List, which lays claim to be the world’s oldest continuously published newspaper, is to become a totally digital entity by the end of this year. The paper, founded in 1734, is regarded as the leading news, analysis and data source for the global shipping industry. So the decision by its owning company, Informa, to stop printing is rightly viewed as a landmark moment.




Breakthrough in Carbon Nantotube Computing Could ‘Save’ Moore’s Law
PC Magazine
Future computers could run on lab-grown circuits that are thousands of times thinner than a human hair and operate on a fraction of the energy required to power today’s silicon-based computer chips, extending “Moore’s Law” for years to come. Stanford University researchers this week reported that they have built a working computer using transistors fashioned from carbon nanotubes…

AT&T Will Build an LTE-Broadcast Network Tailor-Made for Video
Giga Om
AT&T hopes to breath new life into some old airwaves by building a broadcast network, ideal for pushing out live video to many multiple devices with out jamming up its pipes with traffic. The technology is called LTE-Broadcast, and as it name implies it turns what is normally a two-way mobile broadband network into a one-way multicast network similar to those used by TV broadcasters. Announcing the new project at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference, AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said…

8 Hot IT Skills for 2014
When it comes to overall job prospects for IT professionals, 2014 will look a lot like this year, with 32% of companies expecting to increase head count in their IT shops, compared with 33% in 2013, according to Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey.But while demand will remain steady overall, there have been a few changes in the skill sets most desired by hiring managers. Unemployment “is probably close to zero for people with high-demand skill sets,” says Michael Kirven, founder and CEO of Mondo, a technology resource provider. Employers in search of top skills, he says, need to be prepared to move fast.





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