Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 – Highlights: Horrific On Camera Mistakes; TED Talk ‘How-To’; YouTube’s Paid Channels; Starbucks $90B ‘Tea Bet’; LinkedIn’s Mobile Revamp; PRSA Conference Countdown

 Thursday, October 24, 2013




How to Get a TED Talk
By Leslie Grossman, Vice Chair of the IMPACT Leadership 21 Global Advisory Council, Author of the book “LINK OUT”
I have to admit, I am proud to have presented my first TED Talk entitled the ‘Value of Having an Entourage.’ Hundreds of people do TED Talks. Most of us think that ‘TED’ comes along and picks you out among thousands and bestows the TED speaking honor on you because the world knows you have a brilliant idea …

7 Horrific Mistakes Your Company Can Make On Camera
By Gwen Chynoweth, Executive Vice President & Chief Talent Officer, Maccabee
If you or your CEO has been called upon by a TV news reporter to comment on a mass layoff, product recall or other urgent news situation, you know the feeling that this old Wide World of Sports adage can evoke: The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Based upon media training dozens of corporate CEOs …

Shareholders Come Last!
By W.T. “Bill” McKibben, Senior Counsel, The Great Lakes Group
Corporate America, particularly the ‘Monster Too-Big-To-Fail Bank,’ have it all backwards. A crazy concept, ‘shareholder value,’ conceived as a business strategy in the late 1980s by college professor Dr. Alfred Rappaport, continues to ravage our economy even though it has been thoroughly discredited. One of its early advocates, Jack Welch, sang its praises back then when he was CEO …

What Came First, the Tablet or the PC?
By Jeff Corbin, Founder, theIRApp
Tuesday, three tech behemoths–Apple, Nokia and Microsoft–are unveiling new tablets. The mobile revolution continues and, if you take a step back and think about it, you will probably agree with me that it is absolutely fascinating. In such a short period of time mobile devices have exploded and are on the verge of rendering desktop computing obsolete. Well, not exactly, but they certainly …

PRSA International Conference in the Palm of Your Hands
Posted by PRSA
Are you bringing your smart phone or tablet to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) 2013 International Conference in Philadelphia, Oct. 26 -29? If so, you’re in luck. Attendees can now download a free app that not only produces the entire Conference agenda at the touch of a button, but also provides detailed descriptions of each presentation, an exhibitor directory, news alerts and …




Grammar Hammer: To Complement Your Compliment
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Occasionally, I see a “compliment/complement” typo in a news release that crosses my desk. It doesn’t happen that often, so when I do see it, I always pause for a moment to review. I think it’s because this is a homophone, where the words sound the same regardless of spelling. It’s only one little letter, right? That one little letter changes its meaning, so it’s important to learn which is which.

(On-Demand Recording & Presentation) GRAMMAR BOOT CAMP – In The Office And Grappling with Grammatical Gaffes: What’s Acceptable and What’s Not?
For the ‘In The Office With…’ Channel
Robert/Bob Noltenmeier, clinical assistant professor in the New York University M.S. Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program, will review common errors now becoming acceptable in everyday writing.

Gorkana Meets… Laura Monica
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Laura Monica, VP Corporate Communications at Pepco Holdings, Inc., on changing the word “spin” to “positioning and “The Most Hated Company in America.” The thing that gets me up in the morning is…my five-month-old golden retriever Luna who thinks it’s time to play.What made me want to get into PR was…when I realized that I naturally understood how to position messages …

Gorkana Meets…David Thompson
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
David Thomson, SVP Marketing at Ustream and former CEO and Co-Founder of, on ditching the pitch, being numb to embarrassment and cabaret singing. The thing that gets me up in the morning is… My daily wake-up call is my two-year old son screaming in my ear.What made me want to get into marketing was… I wanted to share my enthusiasm for technology. My first marketing job …

Gorkana Meets…James Endicott
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Jim Endicott, President of Distinction Communication Inc., on working with presenters and changing the trajectory of a life with personal coaching.The thing that gets me up in the morning is… Sometimes in life you do what you have to do. Other times if you’re fortunate, you get to do what you absolutely love to do. When I started my business I knew I was in my sweet spot and I honestly get …

Are You in a Blind Spot?
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Blind spot feedback from team members is vital to a leader’s success. Have you heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”? Bottom line, you can sit around and think you have a beat on what’s happening in your organization or you can take its PULSE. Last year, as WhatCounts continued to grow, I started realizing my traditional informal methods of walking around and just …




Google+ Hangout On Air: How Journalists and Bloggers Can Learn From Each Other
On Thursday, Oct. 24, from 1-1:45 p.m. EDT, ProfNet will host its very first Google+ Hangout On Air! Learn what techniques journalists can learn from a personal writing landscape such as blogging, and how can bloggers take on a journalistic approach when managing their blog. Christine Cube, business journalist …

Free Fun in PHL!
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
The City of Brotherly Love offers tons of fun, entertaining and even educational places to explore and the best part is – a lot of them are FREE! Between the PRSA sessions be sure to check out these hot spots for an exciting experience that won’t cost you! And don’t forget to take photos for the PRSA in Philly photo contest! Looking for a bit of a history lesson? Head over to 6th and Market Streets where the Independence Visitor Center is located.

The Tricks & Treats of Facebook in a Crisis
WEBINAR – October 31st
Is Facebook your friend or foe in a crisis? The frightening truth is it really depends on a lot of factors. (Don’t be afraid to look at Facebook in an all new light when you join us for this special Halloween webinar.) Let us start with a discussion about your brand page. Do you have one? There are three schools of thought when it comes organizational brand pages.





Get Ready to Pay 99 Cents to Watch YouTube
Time Magazine
YouTube is increasing its efforts to generate more revenue with its most popular videos producers. Thousands of YouTube creators will now be able to launch paid channels, which charge a monthly subscription fee of $0.99 or more. The paid channel initiative began in May as a pilot program with a few dozen accounts, including popular brands like Sesame Street and the Professional Golf Association. Now any video creator who has 10,000 subscribers and has been verified by YouTube will be able to set up a new paid channel and charge a fee for access to their content. Creators can set their own subscription rates, though YouTube has final authority to determine pricing.

Top-Rated ‘GMA’ Faces ‘Nightmare’ Contract Talks
Hollywood Reporter
In September, Good Morning America marked an entire season as the No. 1 morning program — the first time in 19 years the ABC show had done so. But in a fluke of timing, a majority of its on-air personalities — Josh Elliott, Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer — are negotiating new contracts, multiple sources tell THR. It is a scenario described by an executive at a competing news division as “a nightmare” for ABC News chief Ben Sherwood.




SEC Moves Toward Allowing Crowdfunding Stock Offerings
USA Today
The SEC’s latest plans are sure to draw a crowd. In this case, it’s the crowd that is gathering around companies with newfangled funding schemes to help them buy stock in firms not big enough for initial public offerings. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday voted unanimously to propose rules that, for the first time, would allow investors to buy stock in companies over the Internet using a crowdfunding exchange.

China’s Fosun Buying NY Banking Landmark for $725 Million
China Daily
A company headed by a Chinese billionaire is paying $725 million for a banking landmark in New York City’s financial district, the latest high-profile US real-estate deal by a Chinese business. Fosun International – the investment firm controlled by Guo Guangchang – will acquire One Chase Manhattan Plaza, the company said Friday. The 60-story, 2.2 million square-foot office tower on a 2.5-acre plaza is the former world headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank and a signature piece of the city’s financial district. In a statement announcing the acquisition, Shanghai-based Fosun called the property “one of the few high-end landmark office buildings in New York City”.

HP Reportedly Plans To Enter Hot 3D Printer Market
Investors Business Daily
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) plans to enter the 3D printer market in mid-2014, several media reports said, quoting CEO Meg Whitman at a conference in Bangkok on Wednesday. “We are excited about 3D printing,” the London-based media outlet the Register reported Whitman as saying at the Canalys Channels Forum in Bangkok. Whitman said it is a natural business for HP to enter given its heritage in printers. “We want to lead this business. HP Labs is looking at it,” Whitman said, according to the report.




Starbucks Opens Its First Tea Bar As CEO Schultz Bets On $90 Billion Market
You heard it here first: the billionaire behind Starbucks SBUX -1.11% is watching his caffeine intake. Howard Schultz, CEO of the chain, won’t drink coffee after 5pm. He’s more of a tea man these days, having taken a liking to the Maharaja Chai Oolong blend sold at Teavana, the mainly mall-based tea retailer Starbucks bought for $620 million last November.

Cigarette Box Advertising: A Strong Case for Plain Packaging
Medical Xpress
Researchers at the University of Surrey are encouraging the UK government to follow in the footsteps of Australia, which is the first country to introduce compulsory plain packaging for tobacco products. Approximately 100,000 people die of a smoking-related illness every year in the UK. In 2012 the UK government launched a consultation on the introduction of plain packaging, which met with high level of public support. However, ministers are yet to make a decision on the final move. Health campaigners are now urging the UK government to stop stalling and introduce plain packaging as soon as possible as any delay will cost lives as it is argued that the sale of cigarettes in unbranded packs should make tobacco less appealing and encourage smokers to quit. The tobacco companies argue that their branded packages are not advertising their products.





How Rupert Murdoch’s PR Forces Face Down His Biographers
This week, Public Affairs publishes Murdoch’s World: The Last of the Old Media Empires, an excellent new biography of Rupert Murdoch penned by National Public Radio’s media reporter, David Folkenflik. With high-stakes phone-hacking trials scheduled to commence soon in London, it’s a great time to read Folkenflik’s book, which, among other things, serves as an informative field guide to the unusually aggressive public-relations and crisis-management tactics deployed by Murdoch’s lieutenants over the years. Here are a few of the most interesting morsels…

Another Classy PR Stunt by Ryanair Boss Michael O’Leary: Air Hostesses Strip Off For Airline’s Latest Charity Calendar
Daily Mail
In yet another classy PR stunt Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has launched the airline’s new charity calendar by parading a line of half-dressed air hostesses through London. The gimmick came just days after the company’s boss was bombarded on Twitter after agreeing to host a question-and-answer session from customers. During the Twitter session the airline’s flamboyant chief executive apologised for his firm’s ‘over-abrupt culture’ and vowed to improve their image.




Judge Hits Pause on ‘Boston Globe’ Sale
Media Post
A 4-year-old legal dispute between a mid-sized Massachusetts newspaper and its delivery personnel is delaying the New York Times Co.’s planned sale of The Boston Globe and related New England media assets, according to the Globe, which first reported the news. Judge Shannon Frison of the Superior Court in Worcester, MA has issued a temporary restraining order halting Red Sox owner John W. Henry’s acquisition of The Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & Gazette from NYTCO after current and former newspaper carriers for the Telegram & Gazette filed a legal petition saying it jeopardized their chances of collecting a settlement resulting from a class-action lawsuit against the paper.





LinkedIn Revamps Mobile Experience, Debuts ‘Intro’ App
PC Magazine
LinkedIn on Wednesday introduced a revamped mobile portfolio that includes an updated app for Apple’s iPad, the coming integration of the Pulse curated content experience, and a brand-new email app called Intro for iOS devices. Intro is an app that sits on top of the iOS email client, adding an abbreviated profile bar to incoming messages which show a sender’s picture and a brief professional bio as a way to introduce parties to each other. Clicking on the Intro bar in an email calls up a more comprehensive profile of the person being introduced…





Will Starbucks Expansion Pay Off?
Ronn Torossian 5W


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