Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 – Highlights: Maximizing Facebook for PR; 10 Most Addicting Apps; Grammar Boot Camp; Top Five Marketing Fails; Walmart Responds to Social Media Haters

 Thursday, October 17, 2013




Maximizing Facebook for Public Relations: Farewell EdgeRank! Hello Relevant, Timely and Delightful Content!
By Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social & Evolving Media, Business Wire
One of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, facing today’s marketers and communications professionals is the issue of content visibility. As the sales process evolves and it takes more and more work to win business and/or build brand fans, marketers are producing content at an unprecedented rate.

Rebranding the Catholic Church: Maximizing the Pope’s Public Relations Skills
By Joe Valenzano III, Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Dayton
Pope Francis has managed to very quickly change the conversation about the Roman Catholic Church. Although his recent statements regarding homosexuality, abortion and other “culture war” issues have generated a …

10 Most Addicting Apps Ever
Playing a game or browsing through an App on the smartphone is the best time pass activity for most of the individuals in current tech-driven society. Gaming and social media Apps are best ways to eliminate your boredom after having a business meeting for long time.Though the App store is filled with thousands of stunning addictive games, still a smartphone owner prefers playing only…





Reaching a Consensus Video Series: Part III — Six Step Process for Research Standards
For the PR ROI Channel
For public relations measurement and evaluation to truly take hold internationally, the profession must agree on a set of standards. Standards ensure consistency, understanding, and actionability across borders, among organizations and within departments and agencies. The Institute for Public Relations leads this …

Gorkana Meets…Joan Gladstone, APR, Fellow PRSA
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Joan Gladstone, President and CEO of Gladstone International, on being an oil painter, the Orange County bankruptcy and managing a crisis. Why did you go into PR? When I was an art major at Boston University, I began think about how I’d make a living as an oil painter. I transferred into B.U.’s public relations program because it offered a wonderful diversity of expression including writing and …

3 Steps to Conquering the Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions
By Shannon Ramlochan, PR Newswire: For the Agile Engagement Channel
Emerging technology has reinvented the way PR professionals approach visual storytelling, analytics, and events. Considering the rapid evolution of today’s media,Richard Funess, Senior Managing Partner at Finn Partners believes that “PR professionals have become more important to the corporate soul.”

Video Marketers: Know Your Audience
By Geoff Anderson, Sonic Sight: For the Latergy Social Video Channel
I often see well made videos fall flat because there is a fundamental problem with the structure of the production.There is a lack of clarity about who the video is intended for. Sometimes these productions will flounder trying to be everything to everyone. Usually these end up being nothing to no one.The other extreme is the corporate video which is a glowing showcase of everything this company does …




GRAMMAR BOOT CAMP – In The Office And Grappling with Grammatical Gaffes: What’s Acceptable and What’s Not?
FREE WEBINAR – October 23rd
Robert/Bob Noltenmeier, clinical assistant professor in the New York University M.S. Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program, will review common errors now becoming acceptable in everyday writing. Language evolves, but what happens when that evolution moves too quickly?

Why Social Media Broke PR – And How You Can Fix It
FREE WEBINAR – November 6th
Social media and new media changed the PR game forever when the relationship between brand and audience went direct. If you’ve been struggling to understand how to make social work for you and how to integrate it into your PR, marketing, and communications programs in a way that makes sense, don’t miss this webinar with SHIFT Communications Vice President …




E-Cigarette Marketing Seen Threatened by FDA Scrutiny
The $1.5 billion U.S. electronic-cigarette industry has tripled sales this year with the help of TV ads, Nascar sponsorships and product giveaways. Government regulation may now threaten those marketing tactics. The Food and Drug Administration is set to decide this month whether to lump e-cigarettes in with conventional smokes as part of its oversight of the $90 billion U.S. tobacco market. Such a step would set the stage for greater restrictions on production, advertising, flavorings and online sales.

Aaron Swartz’s Last Gift to Journalism and Online Privacy Finds a New Home
Washington Post
Before Aaron Swartz’s suicide in January, he had nearly completed work with Wired’s Kevin Poulsen on a secure system to accept messages and documents from anonymous sources over the Internet. The result of that effort was DeadDrop, an open- source python platform. The system assigns each source a unique code name so a relationship can be established without news organizations ever knowing the source’s identity. Poulsen managed the program for the first six months since going public six months ago.

Facebook Lowers Age Rule to Allow Teens to Post Publicly
Facebook is giving its teenage users a public voice on the platform. For the first time, beginning Wednesday, users between the ages of 13 and 17 will be able to post publicly and obtain followers of their profiles. Previously, teens using Facebook were only able to share content with friends, friends of friends and custom groups like “family.” Now, they can choose to share posts to anyone on Facebook, just like users 18 and older.

Stations Fear Auction Threat To Wireless Mics
TV News Check
If the professional audio industry doesn’t get its way heading into the FCC’s incentive auction and channel repack, wireless microphones that TV reporters use for ENG could be in jeopardy. “Wireless microphones in the field today are crucial,” says Joe Snelson, VP of engineering at Meredith Local Media Group, and president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. “Wherever a reporter wants to go, with a wireless microphone they have that flexibility.




Reports: Fast Food Companies Outsource $7 Billion In Annual Labor Costs To Taxpayers
Two new reports released this week have shed light on how America’s fast food companies have quietly outsourced a significant chunk of their labor costs to the taxpayer, with more than half of the industry’s 3.65 million low-wage workers on public assistance at a cost of $7 billion each year. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley released a study on Tuesday showing that front-line fast food…

Warren Buffett Thinks Apple’s Share Buyback Is Just Fine as It Is
All Things D
Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett doesn’t own any Apple shares, but if he did, he wouldn’t cast his lot with activist investor Carl Icahn, who has recently been pushing the company toward a larger share buyback. Asked during an interview with cable television network CNBC about Icahn’s efforts to convince Apple to raise its buyback well above the $60 billion to which it’s already committed, Buffet said he supported Apple’s handling of the situation.

Facebook Delivering 152% ROI For Retailers In 2013
Media Post
E-commerce may not have taken off on Facebook, but a new study suggests retailers can still use the social network to drive sales. The average return on investment (ROI) for retailers advertising on Facebook so far this year is 152%, with click-throughs in the third quarter up 3.75 times from a year ago, according to a new report by Facebook strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD) Nanigans.




GM Chief With Eye on Tesla Announces Natural-Gas-Powered Impala
General Motors Co. will begin selling a Chevrolet Impala next year that can seamlessly switch between compressed-natural gas and gasoline as the automaker looks to create a bigger market for alternative-fueled vehicles. It’s a move similar to GM’s strategy with the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid sedan that can go about 40 miles (64 kilometers) on electricity before a gasoline engine engages and powers a generator to recharge the battery. “This approach takes range anxiety completely off the table by offering 150 miles of range using CNG and an additional 350 miles on gasoline,” Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson said in prepared remarks that he’s scheduled to deliver today in Washington D.C.

Fukuppy? Really? Here’s Our Top Five Marketing Fails
The Guardian UK
A Japanese refrigeration company rather unfortunately called Fukushima Industries has faced embarrassment this week, after it unveiled a cartoon egg mascot named Fukuppy. Not only did the name provoke amusement in the English-speaking world, it also seemed to suggest that the firm might be linked to the Fukushima disaster of 2011. The company is actually based miles from the nuclear site, but it didn’t stop people from making jokes about an apt name for a mascot. The company has since changed the English name to the Japanese characters on its website. Fukuppy is not the first, and will not be the last, marketing error of this magnitude. Here are five other strategies that attracted the wrong kind of attention…




No Free Shots: How Walmart Responds to Social Media Haters
You need to have a thick skin if you’re Walmart on Twitter. Last week, the retail giant sent out what seems like a pretty innocuous tweet reading, “We are honored to employ #veterans & support them and their families in every way we can. ‘RT’ to join us in saluting America’s heroes.” One veteran was having none of it: “Bullshit I put my app in and didn’t even get a call back, walmart sucks a hairy asshole.” Ouch.

Google Calls In Ogilvy PR For UK Consumer Drive
The Holmes Report
Google has hired Ogilvy PR to help it build a stronger presence with UK consumers, the Holmes Report can reveal. It is understood that the search giant selected Ogilvy PR following a pitch that featured at least two other PR firms. The initial project is for three months, although – given that Google rarely taps outside PR counsel – Ogilvy and the other pitching firms will be hoping the process leads to further opportunities.




Who Is Pierre Omidyar, the Man Behind Glenn Greenwald’s New Media Venture?
A few hours after the news broke that journalist Glenn Greenwald would leave The Guardian to launch his own media venture, Reuters reported Pierre Omidyar, a philanthropic billionaire who cofounded eBay, would fund Greenwald’s new project. While Greenwald’s reporting on top-secret NSA surveillance programs has earned him bylines with news outlets all over the world, Omidyar is relatively unknown. Hawaii-based Omidyar, 46, became a billionaire in 1998 when eBay went public.

Yahoo! and Twitter Results Show Difficulties of Online Advertising Business
Daily Beast
Whether its jokes about Ted Cruz’s ‘TEDtalk’ lighting up Twitter, or the shutdown drama driving eyeballs to political newssites, Washington events have been a boon to internet traffic. But cash doesn’t always follow the eyeballs. And disclosures this week of less-than-glorious financial results at Yahoo! and Twitter show that the ad business that’s supposed to fund our digital media obsession may not be quite so robust.

Study: Subway’s Advertising Most Effective in Restaurant Space
Ad Age Digital Next
Looks like Jared and Subway’s Famous Fans have made the chain the most effective advertising brand in the restaurant industry. That’s according to a new study by restaurant consultant Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics, which monitors 120 restaurant brands on more than 60 attributes, 13 of which are related to brand image, brand fit and customer loyalty. The study, called “Perceptions of Restaurant Advertising…

Facebook Tests Changes to Advertising Billing Schedule
Inside Facebook
Facebook is thinking about tweaking the way it bills advertisers, and a few marketers in a test group have been notified that Facebook will bill them after they hit their billing threshold or on the last day of each month. This was first noticed by Andrea Warner of SEO Braintrust, who feels that this is a “welcome change.” Here’s a copy of the email Warner received from Facebook…





As We May Type
MIT Technology Review
In 1984, the personal-computer industry was still small enough to be captured, with reasonable fidelity, in a one-volume publication, the Whole Earth Software Catalog. It told the curious what was up: “On an unlovely flat artifact called a disk may be hidden the concentrated intelligence of thousands of hours of design.” And filed under “Organizing” was one review of particular note, describing a program called ThinkTank, created by a man named Dave Winer. ThinkTank was outlining software that ran on a personal computer.

Google’s Hummingbird Update Triggers SEO Bedlam for Banks and Credit Unions
The Financial Brand
To most bankers, pandas, penguins and hummingbirds are cute animals. But for professional marketers however, these beasts represent the biggest challenges in the history of search engine marketing. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are all updates to the Google search algorithm, and these updates have changed how Google – the gorilla of search – ranks websites… including yours.

Adidas Jumps Into Wearable Computing, Announces New $399 Smartwatch at Mobilize
Giga Om
Athletic apparel company adidas is getting into the smartwatch business – and it offered the public a first peek today. On stage at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2013 conference in San Francisco, Paul Gaudio, vice president of adidas Interactive, said the new smartwatch targets runners and will be available on Nov. 1 for $399. It provides information on a runner’s location, speed and heart rate, as well as stores music. But a key feature is that it also provides personalized coaching. Runners can choose to receive coaching, based on their heart rate, through the watch face or headphones, via Bluetooth.





Organized Chaos
Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.


Social Business is Dead! Long Live What’s Next!
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