Thursday, May 10, 2012

 Thursday, May 10, 2012



The Changing Media Landscape: What It Means to Public Relations
Public Relations… By Tressa Robbins, Vice President-Media Contacts, BurrellesLuce
Recently, I spoke at two PRSSA regional conferences about how the evolution of digital and social media is changing the media landscape. In particular, the discussion revolved around how news is now immediate and information can get lost in the shuffle and, perhaps more importantly, how this all affects our role in PR. I wanted to share some of what we discussed with you.


Need to Know: Key Take-Aways from a Quarterly Social Media Trend Report
Marketing… By Jason Cormier, Co-founder, Room 214
Need to know the latest social media trends and techniques? Curious about how your colleagues are driving results in social? We have the answers for you, right here. Our social media marketing agency, founded by myself and James Clark, released the “First Quarterly Trend Report for 2012” earlier this month. Unlike what you might expect to see in the context of a discussion around “what’s trending” in social media – we chose a format that narrowly focuses on three topics our own clients have demanded to know more about.


Three Ways to Leverage Internet Marketing Techniques in Social PR
Social Media Zone… By Vicki @Smartwoman Flaugher
My roots hark back to SEO, website creation, and internet marketing. I came to social media almost as a fluke, having built a reputation as a permission-only based online marketer. My colleagues knew I valued digital interactions that weren’t all tricky tricky and manipulative so they thought Twitter would be perfect for me. They were oh so right – and I haven’t looked back since jumping on Twitter in 2008.




YouTube Gets Engaged: Changes Algorithms to Reward Quality
By Ivan Nelson, Founder & CEO at MotiVideos for Latergy’s Social Video Channel
The fact that YouTube recently changed its algorithms to recommend videos with higher engagement instead of higher hits is another demonstration of the almighty importance of engagement. Videos that keep viewers watching and generate more likes and comments will rise above the fray.Although this YT algorithm change may seem minor, I predict that it will change the online video marketplace in a fundamental way. The days of bad content rising to the top because of misleading teaser names and thumbnails (video spam) or web robots are over.


PR ROI in the News: A Global Update from PRIME Research
By PRIME Research for the PR ROI Channel
The ROI of public relations is making news – from the SABRE Awards (celebrating outstanding work in public relations) in New York, NY to ABERJE (the Brazilian Association of Business Communication) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Ranier Mathes, president of PRIME Research, addressed the members of ABERJE at their recent conference in Sao Paolo.


Public Relations News


PR Fail: Ferrari Damages Ancient Chinese Landmark in Publicity Stunt
New York Post
Tourism officials in China came under heavy criticism after a Ferrari sports car was driven across an ancient Chinese landmark, leaving tire tracks and perhaps even permanently damaging the centuries-old site. Early reports indicated the PR stunt at the Zhonghua Gate, or Gate of China, in Nanjing in eastern China had been planned, triggering a flood of angry reactions on social media, according to the Xinhua news agency. But the car company said Wednesday “what happened in China was not authorized. A Ferrari dealer was supposed to have a car on display at the Gate for a commercial event and an employee moved it the night before “without any authorization,” leading to the damage, a spokesperson from Ferrari said.

Tire marks were reportedly left on a section of the landmark that dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644) — a portion said to be the best-preserved part of the site …


UK PR Giant Warns on Profits after Revenue Dips at “Dark Arts” PR Firm
The Independent
UK-based PR leader Chime Communications yesterday issued a surprise profit warning after an unexpected slide in revenues at its Bell Pottinger subsidiary in the period following The Independent’s expose of its lobbying activities.

The company, whose shares fell 6 percent on the news, said business had fallen off sharply since the start of the year, shortly after The Independent revealed how Bell Pottinger executives had boasted of their use of “the dark arts”.

Some Chime shareholders, including Sir Martin Sorrell, who owns 20 percent through his WPP business, expressed their unhappiness with a series of protest votes at yesterday’s annual meeting.

It comes amid rumors of a controversial management buyout of part of the Bell Pottinger PR operation …


Marketing News


Study: Mobile Marketing Boosts Profit for 84% of Small Businesses
Business 2 Community
A study conducted by (Network Solutions’ parent company) among 500 small business owners and showed an overwhelmingly positive response to mobile marketing. According to Grow Smart Biz, of the 500 small business owners studied, 84% saw an increase in new business activity after engaging in mobile marketing. 69% “somewhat or strongly agreed that “mobile marketing is key to my small business growth in the next five years.”

The top two reasons business owners invest in mobile marketing, according to the study, are: to provide better service to existing customers and to attract more local customers.

The study also found that “61% of small businesses are not currently promoting their business through mobile search.” The study says that “A quarter of U.S. smartphone internet users who searched for local businesses on their phone made a purchase in-store.” …


Pfizer Gives up $87 Million Marketing Push for Lipitor
The Wall Street Journal
Pfizer conducted an intriguing experiment in brand marketing this year, aggressively pushing the cholesterol-fighting drug Lipitor in the U.S. even after its patent expired on Nov. 30. But after spending more than $87 million promoting the medicine, the world’s biggest drug company is quietly giving up on its once-great cash cow for good because more generic versions will soon be going on sale. The company recently stopped sending sales representatives to promote Lipitor to doctors and halted advertising in print, on television and online, which once commanded a $271.9 million yearly budget …


IR News


Facebook IPO Update: Facebook Admits to Mobile Weakness in Filings
Financial Times
Facebook said the migration of its users to mobile platforms is compromising its ability to make money from them, according to additions the company made to its IPO regulatory filing on Wednesday.

As the company fields questions from potential investors this week and next on its road show, Facebook is once again reiterating its philosophy of prioritising the user experience over generating revenue, particularly when it comes to its mobile offerings.

This is becoming an increasingly touchy subject with investors and analysts.

“They have to figure how to monetise their mobile audience in the short term,” said Jed Williams, an analyst with BIA/Kelsey. “They haven’t done that to date, and they have to do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt or shatter the user experience.” …


XBRL News: Thomson Reuters Launches End-to-End SEC Reporting Solution
Compliance Week
Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of a next-generation solution to facilitate the filing of financial disclosures with the Securities and Exchange Commission in alignment with the SEC’s XBRL mandate. Thomson Reuters Disclosure Solutions will enable companies that file financial disclosures with the SEC to more accurately prepare, update and deliver their financial disclosures through a single seamless workflow.

Thomson Reuters Disclosure Solutions is a total solution that brings together three distinct and complementary elements for financial disclosure transparency, accuracy and delivery. Disclosure Solutions PROFILE simplifies the in-house management of multiple processes relating to XBRL and EDGAR formats and enables organizations to edit and file their XBRL and EDGAR documents in a single software application …



CorpComm News


Internal Comms: When Facebook “Likes” Can Get You Fired
BtoB Magazine
Over the last few weeks, two cases have highlighted the complexity of Facebook “likes” and sent contradictory, somewhat unsettling messages to corporate marketers and employees.

In the first, a Library of Congress employee filed a complaint with his employer’s Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints office, claiming he was fired after his supervisor found that he had “liked” the Two Dads Facebook page, a site about same-sex couples as parents. In the second instance (Bland v. Roberts), six plaintiffs claimed they were fired after their employer, a local sheriff, learned they “liked” the Facebook page of his political rival. After the sheriff won re-election, he fired the employees. Fair warnings to those managing internal comms and social media policies …


Crisis Communications: BofA Faces OWS and Growing PR Problem Again
Huffington Post
Activists from Occupy Wall Street, the environmental movement and labor unions, along with victims of home foreclosures, have begun massive demonstrations at Bank of America’s shareholder meeting in Charlotte, N.C. Occupiers have characterized the event as a test run for activism ahead of September’s Democratic National Convention, and expect more than a thousand protesters for a full day of marches and direct-action demonstrations both inside and outside the shareholder meeting. For those gathered, Bank of America has become the quintessential culprit for the Great Recession — a bailed-out bank with a bad record on foreclosures and the environment …



Advertising News


Facebook Amends IPO S-1 to Admit Advertising Biz Hurt by Increasing Shift to Mobile
Facebook has just filed a sixth amendment to its S-1 filing to IPO in order to provide more transparency about how the shift of its user base from the web to mobile is causing it to show fewer ads per user, which could hurt revenue in the long term. Facebook also granted about $796 million in restricted stock units to employees less than a week ago. I’ve excerpted the significant changes and embedded the whole S-1 below. Specifically, Facebook is warning investors that daily active user count is rising faster than the number of ads the site is showing, which it predicts will lead to a lower average revenue per user.

As we noted when Facebook originally filed, it hasn’t proven its ability to monetize mobile yet …


Austin Rises as Ad Hot Spot: Walgreens Moves $245m Account Out of Chicago
Chicago Tribune
Walgreens has named Austin-based GSD&M as its new brand and creative agency of record. The decision, announced Wednesday, moves the drugstore chain’s $254 million advertising account out of Chicago in an attempt to recast itself more broadly as a neighborhood health center. Walgreens had previously worked with Chicago’s Downtown Partners in a relationship that stretched back seven years. The account went into review about three months ago, and several Chicago agencies were in the running, but Downtown Partners declined to participate, according to a Walgreens spokesman.

GSD&M came out on top and will head up broadcast, print and outdoor marketing efforts, as well as digital activation and creative …



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