Thursday, July 11, 2013 (Highlights: Twitter vs. Newswires; The Death of Ron May; Coca-Cola Partners with WWF; CMOs Talk ‘Future of Advertising’; Tribune Co. Newspaper Spinoff; WHY Asiana Has a PR Problem)

 Thursday, July 11, 2013



Twitter vs. Newswires: The Battle for ‘Breaking News’
By Daniel M. O’Brien, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Techimage
When it comes to “breaking news” there is no competition to Twitter. The crash of Asiana Airlines flight #214 was immediately tweeted at 11:32 A.M., the exact time of the crash according to the NTSB, and was then linked through Twitter to the flight control conversations and KTVU’s live video coverage (in separate Twitter …

How To Take The Dread Out of Performance Reviews!
By Ken Jacobs, Principal, Jacobs Communications Consulting
I recently returned from Counselors Academy Spring Conference in Austin (which is one of the coolest places on earth). The presentation by Linhart PR’s Kelly Womer’s on “Rethinking Performance Reviews” resonated powerfully with me because of its value, not just to leaders of PR firms, ad agencies, and fully integrated communications shops, but to anyone who must give reviews-…

Finding Customers on Twitter Is Easier Than You Think
By Adam Root, Co-Founder and CTO, HipLogiq
Steve Kent — a sales manager for a sporting goods store — began using social media early on to market the store’s products. “About the best I could do was post a picture and hope my friends and followers liked it,” he says. “I only reached a small circle of people who already knew about us.” About a year ago, Kent began using HipLogiq’s SocialCompass software but recently switched …



The Death of Ron May and the Ultimate Secrets of ‘The May Report’
By Steve Lundin, for the Marketing Nightmares Channel
On June 23, 2013, one swing of the Grim Reaper’s scythe finally brought Ron May, publisher of The May Report and the Chicago technology community’s Rodney Dangerfield, the thing he most coveted in life: respect. May, who reveled in his ability to make CEO’s and interns alike run screaming for the nearest exit, would be dumbstruck by the sudden outpouring of positive sentiments from …

How Content Curation Attracts Audience & Powers SEO
By Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire, for the Agile Engagement Channel
If you want to position your organization as a thought leader or enhance your brand’s reputation on line (or, for that matter, do the same for yourself), honing your ability to curate relevant content is crucial. You may already know some great curators — they are those people on Twitter who share links that you …

CSR in Action: Coca-Cola Partners with WWF, Expands Environmental Goals
For the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
The Coca-Cola Company and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are working to advance the Coca-Cola system’s sustainability stewardship with the announcement today of new, bold global environmental goals and an expanded global partnership.

Critical Minute – Neosho, A Great Local Experiment
For the Critical Now Channel
The city of Neosho, Missouri has taken an interesting step in community relations that could continue to influence the way municipal public relations is conducted across the nation.

Are the Biggest Roadblocks to Women’s Career Success Our Own?
FREE WEBCAST: A Discussion of Women Revealing Their Biggest Roadblocks to Career Satisfaction and Success from Today’s Professional Woman Report, The Recently Released Survey by Citi and LinkedIn
Join the conversation with Linda Descano as she discusses the results of the recent Citi and LinkedIn second annual Today’s Professional Woman Report …

Video Content Marketing Survey
For the Latergy Social Video Channel
Many marketing professionals are convinced that video storytelling is an increasingly crucial part of the content marketing mix. Most video professionals providing production, distribution and measurement services on the creative and technical side of the spectrum have heard, even preached, about the explosive growth in online video. All research organizations have and continue to …

WEBINAR RECORDING: “9 Pillars of Retention Marketing Automation: Using Smart Data to Keep More Customers & Rock the Holidays!”
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
WhatCounts and partner Windsor Circle present 9 powerful automation capabilities every retailer can harness to double their repeat buyers, realize 5x customer lifetime value, and see fantastic ROI from segmented, automated …



Twitter Is Already Selling World Cup Promoted Trends for 2014
Ad Age Digital Next
The opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is still 11 months away, but Twitter is already mobilizing to sell lucrative ad packages pegged to it.Setting up its own version of an upfront market, Twitter will be conducting a blind auction overseen by PricewaterhouseCoopers to sell promoted trends later this month, according to a sales deck obtained by Ad Age.

UN Report Cites Advertising Ban as Powerful Tool in Reducing Tobacco Use
UN News Centre
One in three people is now covered by at least one life-saving measure to limit tobacco use, according to a United Nations report which highlights the progress over the past five years of reducing potential smokers through advertising bans and awareness campaigns. According to the report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2013, the number of people covered by bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship increased by almost 400 million since 2003, bringing the total number of people covered to 2.3 billion.

Labels Leave a Bad Taste
New York Times
SYDNEY – More than seven months have passed since Australia imposed one of the world’s toughest laws for tobacco warning labels, swapping iconic packaging for graphic images of mouth ulcers, cancerous lungs and gangrenous limbs.

US Retailers in Bangladesh Safety Accord
A group of 17 US retailers, including Wal-Mart and Gap, have agreed a five-year pact to improve conditions at clothing factories in Bangladesh.It follows the deaths of 1,129 workers in a building collapse in April and another 112 in a fire in November.

Rare Mutation Ignites Race for Cholesterol Drug
New York Times
She was a 32-year-old aerobics instructor from a Dallas suburb – healthy, college educated, with two young children. Nothing out of the ordinary, except one thing. Her cholesterol was astoundingly low. Her low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, the form that promotes heart disease, was 14, a level unheard-of in healthy adults, whose normal level is over 100.

Google Latitude to be Retired on August 9
Google Latitude is about to enter the search giant’s junk heap. Google announced Wednesday that Latitude, its location-aware application that allows users to share where they are with others, will be retired on August 9. When that day rolls around, users will no longer be able to share their location and their friends list will be deleted. Third-party applications that use Latitude will also see that feature stop working.

Wal-Mart Says it Will Pull Out of D.C. Plans Should City Mandate ‘Living Wage’
Washington Post
The world’s largest retailer delivered an ultimatum to District lawmakers Tuesday, telling them less than 24 hours before a decisive vote that at least three planned Wal-Marts will not open in the city if a super-minimum-wage proposal becomes law.

CNBC Top States for Business: The Winner is . . .
USA Today
We have a winner — and a new champion! South Dakota has climbed to the top of America’s Top States for Business for 2013. It is the best finish yet for the Mount Rushmore State, which has always been a quiet contender in our annual study, rarely finishing outside the Top 10. But more impressive …

Cars Are Fast Becoming Smartphones on Wheels
MIT Technology Review
Most new cars roll off the production line today with as many sensors, computer chips, and lines of code as you’d find in a trunk-load of smartphones. What’s more, thanks to deals between carmakers and wireless carriers, cars increasingly come with high-speed, always-on, wireless connectivity-setting up both new kinds of services and a higher potential for distraction and malfeasance.



Tribune Takes a Cue From News Corp. in Planned Newspaper Spinoff
The Los Angeles Times
Tribune Co.’s plan to spin off its newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, into a stand-alone publishing company follows in the footsteps of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. — and other media companies.Nearly two weeks ago, News Corp. divided into two separate companies: 21st Century Fox and the much smaller publishing group News Corp. 21st Century Fox contains the hugely profitable television networks, including Fox News Channel and Fox Broadcasting, 20th Century Fox movie studio and interests in satellite TV services around the globe.

Royal Mail Employees to Get Free Shares in I.P.O.
New York Times
LONDON – The British government said on Wednesday that it planned to sell a majority stake in Royal Mail, the country’s postal service, and would give some shares free to workers. The government said an initial public offering, which would be the biggest privatization in the country since the railroads 20 years ago, would proceed in London before the end of March 2014.

Apple Asks for Stay on ITC Ban on iPhone and iPad Models Pending Appeal
Apple has asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to stay a ban on certain iPhone and iPad models pending an appeal.The ban could come into effect on Aug. 5 after a 60-days review period during which U.S. President Barack Obama can veto the order. If the orders go into effect, Apple will lose not only sales of its iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G GSM products but also the opportunity to gain new smartphone and tablet customers who otherwise would have purchased the entry-level Apple devices, it said in a filing Monday to the ITC.

Volkswagen and Kia Continue U.S. Sales Collapse
24/7 Wall Street
Several car companies posted strong sales in June, and for the first half, but two manufacturers have turned out to be losers. As the industry recovers sharply, neither has managed to market itself as a good alternative to other mid-priced car lines. One of the two is formerly red-hot Kia. Its sales are down 3.9% to 277,351 during the first six months of 2013. Its market share has fallen from 4% last year to 3.6%. The other manufacturer that has suffered is Volkswagen, which had stated its plans to surpass General Motors Co.

Tesla Motors, Inc. to Join the NASDAQ-100 Index Beginning July 15, 2013
The Wall Street Journal
Tesla Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSLA) will become a component of the NASDAQ-100 Index(R) (Nasdaq:NDX) and the NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index (Nasdaq:NDXE) prior to market open on Monday, July 15, 2013. Tesla Motors, Inc. will replace Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq:ORCL). Tesla Motors, Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has a market capitalization of approximately $12.8 billion.



3 Women Who Used Innovation To Disrupt the Market
Do men and women innovate differently? I asked an expert, Larry Keeley, author of Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs and co-founder of Doblin, an innovation consulting firm. He analyzed three decades of innovations, who made them, and how they did it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Video Exceeds All Expectations – Simply Astonishing
Highlight Press
Fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise will of course know that bigger is better and that anyone claiming otherwise is fooling nobody. Bigger maps, bigger buildings, bigger mission and bigger mayhem all add up to bigger fun and thrills…end of story.

App Store ‘Full of Zombies’ Claim on Apple Anniversary
Apple’s App Store is populated by many “zombie” programs which get next-to-no downloads, new research suggests. Figures seen by the BBC from tracking service Adeven indicate over two-thirds of apps in the store are barely ever installed by consumers.

Target Corp. Eyes Silicon Valley with Innovation Center in San Francisco
Star Tribune
Big-box giants open offices in tech hot spots as they try to remake how we shop. On the third floor of the historic Folgers Coffee Co. building, just blocks from the city’s famed Embarcadero waterfront, Target Corp. is brewing up a storm, and it has nothing to do with caffeinated beverages.




What Does The Future Of Advertising Look Like? CMOs Convene At Wharton To Explore
2020 is a mere seven years out. Yet given the rate of change happening in the advertising and marketing world, it might as well be light years away. And the industry will likely look radically different from today.

Sweet Tweets: Social Media Pave Way for Twinkies’ Return
USA Today
A giant billboard of a Twinkie in Times Square. A new Hostess website featuring a countdown clock. A social media campaign that encourages people to share their love of Twinkies and other snack cakes such as CupCakes, Donettes donuts and Ding Dongs.

FrockAdvisor Wins Irish Times’ Startup Challenge Focused on Ad Innovation
Advertising innovation can frequently just mean different shapes of ads in print, or extra bangs and whistles online to grab attention, or even a social media blitz to promote a brand.But the Irish Times wanted more. So, with its second annual startup challenge, it insisted on discovering completely new ways to raise money from advertising.Last year the paper invited startups into their offices and provided mentoring, advice and support, challenging the way the 154-year-old institution did business.

The Social Media Advertising Ecosystem Explained
Business Insider
The media constellation has become increasingly fractured. The Web produced the initial fissure, but mobile created new cracks in the landscape. Today, no single medium earns more than 45% of our media consumption.

SEC Votes to Ease 80-Year-Old Ban on Private-Investment Ads
Hedge funds and other companies seeking private investments will be allowed to advertise publicly for funding under a rule approved today by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.The rule, which passed by a 4-1 vote, is the first one mandated by last year’s Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act to be completed by the SEC. A deadline for the regulation set by Congress lapsed more than a year ago.

Publicis Groupe Buys Chinese Social Media Firm Netalk As Part Of A 5-Year, $4B Acquisitions Spree
French advertising conglomerate Publicis Groupe announced today that it has acquired Net@lk, a Chinese social media service provider, as part of its five-year plan to spend $4 billion purchasing small to mid-sized digital firms in emerging markets over the next five years.

China’s Alibaba on Hunt for Acquisitions After IPO: Media
China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s will use proceeds from its potential IPO to fund acquisitions, media reported on Wednesday, as the firm looks to broaden its mobile services.





Charles Saatchi’s PR Magic Goes Wrong
The Guardian UK
Charles Saatchi’s approach to business – something he himself has described as “a burning righteousness” founded on little experience but plenty of ambition – has long brought him a great deal of success. Built on selling people everything from cigarettes to condoms to Margaret Thatcher, not to mention very expensive tickets to look at dead things suspended in formaldehyde, Saatchi’s vast personal fortune serves as a quantitative measure of the fact that you can sell ice in the Arctic, so to speak, if you look beyond the detail that your potential customers are wearing three jumpers each, and focus instead on telling them persuasive stories that overcome their doubts of whatever it is you have to flog.

Pandora’s PR Problem: How the Web Radio Titan Became Music’s Big Villain
The Verge
When Tim Westergren says something about music, it’s easy to believe him. He not only possesses rock-star good looks and a background as a pianist, but he also co-founded Pandora, the web’s most popular radio service. Each month, Pandora supplies more than 70 million people with nearly every genre of music, from acid rock to country to boogie-woogie.

No, the NSA’s Public Relations Office Isn’t on Twitter, Come On
The Atlantic Wire
“Hey, guys, the NSA now has a public relations Twitter account,” people on Twitter said today. Except that it’s obviously, idiotically fake. Why would anyone bother? In case you can’t tell from the account’s tweets, a representative from the NSA confirmed by phone with The Atlantic Wire: It’s fake. “The NSA public affairs office does not have a Twitter account,” we were told, though the recruitment department does.

Why Asiana Has a PR Problem
The Wall Street Journal
Asiana’s decision not to seek communications help in the U.S. following Saturday’s deadly crash-landing reflects a corporate culture in South Korea of keeping public relations in-house and limited practical preparedness for crisis communications, industry officials in Seoul said Wednesday. The South Korean carrier hasn’t arranged for any spokespeople outside of Korea and turned down offers of communications help in the U.S. in the wake of the San Francisco crash.





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