Thursday, Feb 20, 2014: WhatsApp? What’s That? A Bribe Is A Bribe. Twitter Lie Detector. PR Omnibus Surveys. Coke Boosts Marketing Spend. Coffee Inside Donuts.

 Thursday, February 20, 2014




Southern Engagement: Paula Deen is Today’s Comeback Kid
By Moe Glenner, Author, “Selfish Altruism: Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives”
We really like a great resuscitation, rehabilitation or comeback story. It doesn’t seem to matter if the initial downfall was self-inflicted or caused by others. We love watching and rooting for the Comeback Kid. Our interest is especially piqued if our erstwhile Comeback Kid is someone we felt attached to, especially if …

Social Media, Food and Trust
Corporate Insight
Social media has transformed the way consumers form opinions and make purchase decisions, and the availability of ubiquitous information online has made the savvy consumer even savvier. Social media has also given the consumer a stronger voice. What one person says online can be amplified exponentially, and a single voice of concern can quickly spread online …

A Bribe Is A Bribe Is A Bribe
By W.T. “Bill” McKibben, Senior Counsel, The Great Lakes Group
A recent (2/09) New York Times story detailed the hiring of a young woman at the behest of a family friend. A job was created for her at JP Morgan Chase. Her family friend just happens to hold a powerful position in a Chinese agency that oversees insurers. The bank was looking to snag business deals with a number of the insurers that her benefactor holds sway over. There is nothing …

Is Content Marketing Working?
By Majda Anwar, Engagement Manager, The Pedowitz Group
So much marketing is based on a guess, instinct and experience. While this might have worked in yesteryear, today’s prospect isn’t siloed in a single channel of communication. Today’s customer is smart. They consume content much faster than the marketer can create, let alone cater to the subtle hints for engagement. How does the marketer keep up with this demand?




PRIME Research Adds Top Talent to Executive Team
For the PR ROI Channel
PRIME Research is pleased to announce the addition of Chi-Chi Millaway and Alan Araujo to its executive team! Chi-Chi Millaway joins the firm as Social Media Director. In this role, Millaway will further develop and oversee PRIME’s social media monitoring, measurement and analysis activities. Millaway joins PRIME from MBK Digital, where she founded the agency’s social media …

Is Your Digital Strategy Falling Short? (2014 Web Influencers Survey Download)
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Did you know: -81% of online media sites use third-party video -92% find story leads through your and other organizations’ social media sites. We’ve designed D S Simon’s 2014 Web Influencers Survey to help you get maximum PRketing® value from your Video Content, Brand Journalism and Social Media.

Telling Your High-Science Healthcare Story to Consumers
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Video has often been a tool to help simplify a complicated message, and a way to add comments of credible, third-party thought leaders on a specific topic. In the healthcare space, this is common practice. For years, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been using interview-style soundbites to simplify and support their message. While this is still common, we’ve also seen …




The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit
Live Event: New York City – February 25
The seismic shift from product-focused to patient-focused communications and the rapidly evolving technology landscape including social, mobile, and digital technologies continues to accelerate the pace of change for healthcare communications. Big data is being used by the most innovative organizations to understand, target, and personalize communications with their audiences.

Rebuilding Trust After a Crisis
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: February 27
It’s one thing to have customers who “like” or “follow” you, but the bigger question you should be asking is whether or not they TRUST you. Trust offers your business benefits such as increased customer conversion, increased brand loyalty and a healthier bottom line. Trust between your brand and the market …


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Researchers Working On Social Media Lie Detector
Telegraph UK
The computer system will be able to judge between truth and fiction in 140 characters or less.

In The Jet Of The Future, They’re All Window Seats
Spike Aerospace, a fledgling aviation engineering firm based in Boston, MA, has announced intentions to ditch conventional windows in its upcoming supersonic business-class jet. Instead, the Spike S-512 will use curved, super-thin digital displays.The screens will benefit passengers by eliminating glare, and the aesthetic potential is manifold: Picture panoramic views created from micro-cameras that surround the jet, streaming the sky, clouds, horizon, and landscape in real time

FCC Plans To Issue New Rules To Keep The Internet Wide Open
The Wall Street Journal
The proposed new rules will prevent Internet service providers from charging companies such as Netflix or Google a toll to reach consumers at the highest speeds.




WhatsApp? What’s That? And Why Is It Worth $19 Billion?
There’s no magic bullet here except that WhatsApp got into the SMS alternative market early, stuck with it and stood by their “No ads, no games, no gimmicks” motto. With 99 cents coming in from every user (after the first year, which is free), they were also making more than enough money to continue growing and developing.

Nasdaq To Roll Out ‘Kill Switch’ To Help Catch Trading Errors
Controlling risk has been a major focus for the securities industry in the wake of high-profile snafus like the August 2012 glitch at Knight Capital Group.

Australian Investors Benefiting From Dividend Bonanza
Sydney Morning Herald
So far this week six companies have unveiled plans to pay out $6.3 billion in dividends as they reported profits.

Google Launces New Investment Fund
The Wall Street Journal
Google has taken the wraps off a new investment arm targeting companies that are hitting their growth phase. The fund’s focus will differ from Google Ventures, which targets early-stage firms and operates like a venture-capital firm investing independently of Google’s corporate strategy.




Coke To Increase Marketing Spend By Up To $1 Billion
Media Post
Responding to the continuing decline in soda sales in North America and slowing growth in markets such as Brazil and China overseas, Coca-Cola will be counting on the real thing – as much as $1 billion in additional marketing spend by 2016 from productivity savings – to move products off the shelves and down the gullets of consumers worldwide.

Krispy Kreme Puts Coffee Inside Donuts
Krispy Kreme wants to caffeinate America. They’re best known for their light, fluffy, sugary donuts, but apparently they serve coffee too. The company has plans to inject that coffee in two new places: the beverage shelves of selected Walmart stores, and inside the chain’s own donuts.

The Brand-Building Potential Behind Dutch Airline KLM’s Social Payment Plan
According to the announcement, “KLM sends a link to the customer in a private message on Facebook or Twitter. The customer can then select their preferred method of payment and complete the transaction. The social media service agent at KLM then receives a message to say that payment has been received and the customer in turn receives confirmation of the payment.




4 Ways PR Agencies Can Utilize Omnibus Surveys To Gain Media Coverage
Everything PR
Sometimes a more cost-effective, ad-hoc alternative to creating and deploying an extensive market research study is needed, especially when operating under tight deadlines and budgets. This is where the flexible, affordable, and fast option of participating in an Omnibus survey comes into play.




Media Is Failing Women – Sports Journalism Particularly So
Women are inching towards media equality, but it’s slow going. That’s one conclusion from the Women’s Media Center’s annual report on the status of women in TV, news, movies, and even social media.

The Oscars Endgame: Decoding the Final Ad Blitz
The Wrap
With a wide-open race going down to the wire, studios are spending lavishly and searching desperately for messages that resonate.

Oscars Expected To Pull In $100 Million In Ad Revenues
Media Post
Thirty-second commercials have been priced at $1.8 million, roughly 10% higher than last year’s average price of $1.65 million — which could easily push totals near the $100 million mark. According to Kantar Media, which offered the research, this is a “growth rate the Academy Awards has experienced only twice in the past decade. The robust pricing reflects advertiser demand for live TV events that can generate strong engagement in social media.”




London Underground Is Brought To Life In A Mesmerising 3D Map
Daily Mail
The map includes trains moving in real-time.

Google eyes 34 US Cties For Gigabit Fiber Expansion
PC World
Google currently offers its gigabit ethernet package in Austin, Tex., Provo, Utah, and Kansas City, charging about $70 per month for a basic Internet package. Adding TV services can take it up to $120 or so per month.




The Pyramid of Influence on Social Media
Maximize Social Business

Is It Time For A Competitor To The Olympics?
Seth Godin

Hello, It’s Nice to Meet you…Again: Your Digital Reputation Precedes You
Brian Solis

The Power of the Meme
Ronn Torossian 5W

Increasing Tweets of Your Press Release: ClickToTweet 101
Business Wired

“Real” Sustainability: The New Disruptors