Thursday, Feb 13, 2014: Paula Deen’s $75M Comeback. Michael Sam: A Marketer’s Dream. BBC World Service Going Commercial. Managing Comms When The Snow Falls?

 Thursday, February 13, 2014




The Secret PR Checklist Powering Big Brands
By Mary C. Long, Chief Ghost & Lily Bradic, Senior Ghostwriter and Digital Strategist at Digital Media Ghost
Last week, fashion labels Ugg and Valentino were both accused of using Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death to promote their products. Ugg sent out gift bags to the late star’s celebrity friends, and Valentino promoted a shot of Amy Adams and …

Managing Expectations During Winter Storms: 12 Things You Should Be Prepared to Do
By Gerard Braud
Crisis Communications and a working Crisis Communication Plan as well as good media training skills are critical as bad weather moves across the United States. Before the weather gets to you, now is the time to begin managing the expectations of your customers and employees. Many of you will …

Obesity: The New Tobacco?
By David E. Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC
They’re back. The lawyers who brought the lawsuits against Big Tobacco in the various states are now taking on a new target – the food industry. The trial lawyers who went after the tobacco industry are now looking to target food companies for soaring obesity-related health care costs. They have laid out a strong public relations and public affairs strategy in their efforts.




PRIME Research CEO Mark Weiner Shares His 2014 Measurement Predictions
For the PR ROI Channel
Editor’s note: Recently our CEO Mark Weiner shared some of his insights and predictions for the 2014 PR and social media measurement landscape with The Measurement Standard. They include: 1. There is currently a shift to what I refer to as ‘the third wave’ in media analysis. The first wave was manual coding …

Is Your Digital Strategy Falling Short? (2014 Web Influencers Survey Download)
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Did you know: -81% of online media sites use third-party video -92% find story leads through your and other organizations’ social media sites. We’ve designed D S Simon’s 2014 Web Influencers Survey to help you get maximum PRketing® value from your Video Content, Brand Journalism and Social Media.

7 Ways to Leverage the Power of Social Influencers
By Shannon Ramlochan, Content Marketing Coordinator, PR Newswire: For the Agile Engagement Channel
While digital communication has afforded brands more opportunities to reach their audiences, consumers have developed a heightened awareness of traditional marketing tactics and look to their peers as a trusted source of information. Brands are now harnessing the power of those influencers …




Loveworks: How the World’s Top Marketers Make Emotional Connections to Win in the Marketplace
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: TODAY
Humans are naturally inclined to make decisions driven primarily by emotions than by reasoning. Therefore, marketers must evolve the relationship between buyers and sellers from an impersonal sales ambush to a genuine emotional connection. In return, brands can expect to gain consumer respect based on …

Howard Bragman Takes You Inside The Biggest PR Announcement in Football History
Free Webcast: Tuesday, February 18th
Collegiate football star Michael Sam’s announcement regarding his sexual orientation has sparked considerable debate. Will his announcement hurt his standing in the upcoming NFL draft? Will he be accepted by his future teammates in the macho world of pro football? Is this a marketing ploy on Sam’s part …




Buffett Looks To Recast Ties With The Washington Post Company
Berkshire Hathaway is in talks with Graham Holding Co. to exchange its stake in the former Washington Post owner for assets. Berkshire said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the two companies haven’t agreed on any terms of such a transaction, which would be structured as a tax-free split-off, and added they may not even reach an agreement.

The Covert War Between The Sugar Industry And Its Competitors
Washington Post
No longer content to rely on traditional lobbyists, companies are investing in other messengers such as nonprofit groups or academicians who can provide expert testimony, shape media coverage and change public opinion in ways that ultimately affect decisions in the nation’s capital.

U.S. Auto Industry Quality Slips For First Time In 16 Years
Daily Finance
Engine and transmission problems caused quality to slip in a vehicle dependability study of owners of 3-year-old cars and trucks.

Virgin Atlantic To Trial Google Glass At Heathrow
Business Traveller
Virgin concierges in the Upper Class wing will for the next six weeks be testing how wearable technology could improve passenger experience and efficiency.




OMG. Paula Deen Raises at Least $75 Million For a Comeback
Attempting to recover from one of the biggest food world scandals of 2013, Deen’s strategy will apparently be to take more ownership and control in partnerships with retailers and other companies. Part of the plan also includes continuing to beef up her already impressive social media following and fan base.

India Seeks To Scrap $2 Billion Tax Dispute Talks With Vodafone
Plans to pull out of talks with Britain’s Vodafone Group over the tax dispute will prolong a more than six-year old row and increase uncertainty among investors in Asia’s third-largest economy.

Supermarket Landscape In Australia Changing Rapidly
Sydney Morning Herald
German-owned supermarket Aldi has almost doubled its share of the $82 billion grocery market and now accounts for more than 10 per cent of grocery sales.

Barbie’s Absurd Proportions Are Hurting Mattel’s Bottom Line
It’s been estimated that fewer than 1 in 100,000 women are genetically capable of achieving a Barbie doll’s physique, which-translated into real-world scale-would make her 5’9″, about 110 lbs., with bust-waist-hips of 36-16-33. Indeed, as researchers at the University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland have concluded, a living Barbie would have an anorexic Body Mass index of around 16.24-and would probably lack the minimum 17% body fat required for a woman to be able to menstruate.




Michael Sam: A Marketer’s Dream
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Marketing for this kid, is gonna be off the chain according to long-time St. Louis sports agent Harold Lewis.

Disney’s Latest Project To Encourage Innovation
The Los Angeles Times
Walt Disney Co. is giving 10 startup companies the chance at $120,000 to develop their ideas and receive mentoring from top company executives.




Woody Allen May Not Be Talking, But His PR Offensive Is Heating Up
The Wrap
When Woody Allen broke his silence over accusations that he’d sexually assaulted his adopted daughter, his comments ended with the parenthetical note, “This column will be my final word on this entire matter and no one will be responding on my behalf to any further comments on it by any party.”

Bing’s Chinese-Language Censorship Huge PR Disaster
Silicon Angle
Microsoft has been accused of censoring Bing’s Chinese-language search results for people in the US, in the same way that it does for those based in China.




Sheryl Sandberg: No Ads on Facebook Paper For Now
CNN Money
Don’t fret, fans of Paper. Facebook won’t be putting ads on the new platform anytime soon. Launched about two weeks ago, the sleek iPhone app is a news reader that doubles as a way to view and interact with your Facebook feed.

U.S. Under Fire In Global Media Freedom Report
Gulf News
The group, known by its French acronym RSF, said the United States had suffered “one of the most significant declines” in press freedom last year, dropping 13 places to 46th in the 180-country index, wedged between Romania and Haiti.

BBC World Service Will Carry Advertising And Commercial Content From April 1
The Drum
The change coincides with the end of the World Service’s current stream of funding from the British Foreign Office. From April, the service’s √Ǭ£245m budget will instead come from licence fees.

Nielsen Capitulates, Agrees To Withhold Broadband Households From Local Ratings — For Now
Media Post
In early 2013, the decision to include broadband-only homes in Nielsen’s television universe estimate was made to measure the media behavior of the average U.S. viewer in this fast-changing and evolving technological landscape.




HP Backtracks And Decides To Provide Free Security Updates For Server Buyers
PC World
Hewlett-Packard will provide security and safety updates to all its server users, after a controversy surrounding the company’s decision to restrict access to firmware updates to server customers on warranty or covered by a support agreement.




Family Business CEOs
Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.

GoldieBlox vs. the Beastie Boys – A Parable on Permissions
Brian Solis

3 Tips for Simple and Impactful Public Relations
Ronn Torossian 5W

5 Common Misunderstandings About Social Customer Servicein 2014
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From Climate to Climax at The NY Tech Meetup
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Facebook Narcissism Makes Way for the Anonymity Movement
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