Thursday, Dec 26, 2013: 20 Jobs of the Future; Holiday Networking; PR, IR & Social Media Toolkits

 Thursday, December 26, 2013




PR Pros: How Will You Succeed in 2014? Tell Us!
PR professionals have more opportunities for success than ever today, and yet challenges do remain. How can you build and maintain trust with your key audiences when the public is increasingly skeptical? What are the most effective ways to reach a connected, mobile society that prefers multiple sources of news and information? How can you best determine what tactics …

Start the Conversation with Marketwired’s PR Toolkit
Free Resource
It’s the season for gift-giving, and at Marketwired, we have something special for you to increase your success. Our PR Toolkit offers a best-of compilation of tips, strategies and insights that can help you expand your influence, raise your visibility, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Holiday Networking: 10 Tips To A New Job In The New Year
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Networking is the best way to find a job. It can help you build a base of like-minded individuals to help feed you information about jobs, pass your resume on, and make introductions. The holidays offer a great opportunity to do this at all the parties and get-togethers. In fact, at this time of year, it can be hard to pick the right affairs to attend. You never know who you will meet. The person sitting …

Making the IRO’s Job a Bit Easier
Free Resource
It’s the season for gift-giving, and at Marketwired, we have something special for you that should make your job a little easier. Our IR Toolkit offers a best-of compilation of tips, strategies and insights that can help you tap into the social media universe, understand what’s really important to investors, find news ways to attract them, and enhance your company’s reputation.

20 Jobs of the Future
In the past, careers were stable, linear and singular. People chose one path and pursued it over the course of their lives from college to retirement. In our modern age of technology driven exponential change – this model no longer works. Careers are now complex, fragmented, specialized, collaborative and ever evolving. More often than not, our work life will be made up of a portfolio of …

Marketwired Social Media Toolkit
Free Resource
Social media can supercharge your marketing program if you know how to harness its awesome power. Since this is the time of year for gift-giving, Marketwired has something special for you — three guides to help you navigate the world of social media: 1) How to Generate Leads with the Social Web.

What Are Your 2014 Brand Resolutions?
It’s that time of the year again where we make a New Year’s resolutions list. In fact, if you’re an agency owner, PR or video marketing expert or focus on internal communications, no need to start from scratch.This annual activity can be quite productive. We do this on a personal level, but has your team given thought to Brand Resolutions for the coming year? We’ve recently been talking more …




Holiday Thank You from DS Simon!
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
We wanted to express our appreciation to our clients, partners and friends during the holiday season. For more than 20 years, we have chosen to express our thanks by donating money and time to organizations we support. This year we have expanded this program to support causes our team is personally involved with. Here are some of the organizations we are supporting …

Apple’s Deal with China Mobile Will Be a Game Changer
For the Mobile IR Channel
On Sunday, China Mobile announced a deal with Apple to offer the iPhone to its millions of customers. The Chinese mobile carrier is the world’s largest wireless network operator in the world. The deal marks the first time 759 million people will have access to the iPhone. To put things into perspective, Verizon and AT&T combined have 230 million subscribers.The increase in Apple product …

A Post Mortem for Post Holidays
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.Don’t be a person doomed to repeat his or her marketing mistakes. The beginning of the first quarter is an opportune time to analyze what you did right in 2013 and what needs improvement in 2014. Perhaps an email campaign you thought would be successful fell flat on its face – consider revising or ditching it this year.




Increase Engagement… Increase Your Bottom Line
FREE WEBINAR: Thursday, January 16th
According to Gallup, 70% of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” costing the U.S. an estimated $450 – $550 billion per year. The constant changes in technology, social media and mobile can be overwhelming. As a result, many organizations are faced with challenges when it comes to communicating with their key target audiences. How can you implement a …




The Future of Business is Creating Meaningful and Shareable Experiences
Brian Solis

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