This is How Communicators are Reaching Deskless Workers, Ragan Survey Says

This is how communicators are reaching deskless workers, Ragan survey says


We asked communicators in the 2022 Communications Benchmark Report about the most effective way to reach their deskless workforce. Here’s what they said.

Justin Joffe, Ragan Communications

Nearly half of communicators surveyed in Ragan’s 2022 Communications Benchmark Report said that communicating with remote or non-desk workers was the top change they expect in their role over the next three years.

A majority of Ragan council members (48%) and non-council members (41%) said that face-to-face communication remains the most effective way to reach deskless workers. This requires empowering managers with key messaging points, resources and support to effectively deliver company-wide messaging — and share what they hear from workers back up to leadership.

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When looking at the tools that they will adapt to reach deskless workers, most respondents said they rely on an employee app or intranet. Thirty-four percent of non-council members also said that digital collaboration software, like Workplace by Facebook, can be an effective way to engage deskless workers. On-demand town halls are also a popular option for reaching workers who aren’t always plugged in, emphasizing how crucial it is to make your live internal gatherings accessible to all employees by archiving and sharing them with those who can’t be there live.

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