These are the Business Skills You’ll Need in the Future of Communications


These are the business skills you’ll need in the future of communications



Strategic comms professor Karen Freberg shares her thoughts on what the next generation of communicators will need to succeed in business and beyond.

Justin Joffe, Ragan Communications

In a world spinning ever faster amid constant change, breaking news and evergreen uncertainty, it’s on communicators to go beyond serving as the mindful messenger and  ensure a culture of communication exists among all stakeholders across the business, too.

Karen Freberg, a strategic communication professor at the University of Louisville, regularly imparts this wisdom to her students. Among the communications skills that will matter most in the future, Freberg believes that communicators must be able to speak about the needs of their business, from understanding key business concepts to becoming more proactive in adapting our comms strategies to larger business imperatives.

Freberg will be discussing the importance of business fluency on a panel at Ragan’s Future of Communications Conference, the signature event of Ragan’s Communications Week, which begins in New York City on Nov.1-2. Ahead of her panel, Freberg answered a few questions about her passions, her class and what she plans to discuss.

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