The Top Employer Branding Mistakes — and How to Fix Them

The Top Employer Branding Mistakes — and How to Fix Them - Ragan Comms



Simply using the right words and images won’t cut it anymore.

Allison Carter

Finding the perfect candidate for an open role is never easy, but it’s even trickier in today’s tight labor market. To compete for top talent, organizations need a top employer branding strategy to go with it.

This may sound easy. Slap some pretty graphics on your LinkedIn page, use words like “work-life balance” in your postings and call it a day.

That isn’t good enough anymore.

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Rainey Turlington, employer brand consultant at exaqueo, recently shared her expertise with Ragan Training on the top mistakes she sees from employer branding efforts — and how to fix them.

Don’t assume that because your company has a strong consumer brand, it has a strong employer brand.

Strong brand recognition for your product isn’t the same as being a great employer.

“There are plenty of successful companies that are selling products or services like hotcakes and turning over employees just as fast,” Turlington said. In fact, they can sometimes be victims of that same success.

“Selling” a job isn’t like selling other products. You can’t simply offer a list of pay and benefits to job seekers like you’d share specs on a car. Job seekers need to know what their relationship with colleagues and the organization will look like. It requires a softer, more authentic touch than traditional branding.

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