The Story of Gateway: Pacira and Coyne PR’s 2020 PRSA New Jersey Pyramid Award-Winning Documentary 


In this new CommunicationsMatch™/PRSA NJ video The Story of Gateway, Coyne PR vice president Erin Drelick, and Madeline Gooding, associate director at Pacira, the leading provider of non-opioid pain management solutions, discuss the making of the PRSA NJ Pyramid Award-winning documentary and the PR program around it.



Gateway is a film about three families impacted by addiction that began with a prescription for opioids following surgery. In the video, Drelick and Gooding discuss the power of the film to move both those who watch it and those who made it. 

“At the end of each shoot we kept saying the stories could not become more compelling, and every time, they did,” says Drelick. As the team conducted interviews, Gooding adds, “we uncovered this story that has so many different layers and needed to be shared.” 

In the video, they outline the keys to the project’s success including: the cast, the rawness of the stories, the recognition that a documentary offered the best way to share them, partnerships with organizations and not-for-profits to help promote the film, the commitment of Pacira’s management to the project, and ensuring the documentary could be seen by anyone.

“Gateway, and the ongoing work around it to bring it to audiences, was a standout Best in Show Pyramid Award winner, and an example of the ways in which members of the New Jersey Chapter of PRSA are using communications to address both local and national issues,” said Anjelica Sena, immediate past president of PRSA NJ. “I want to congratulate Pacira and Coyne PR. We hope the story of the documentary is a gateway to watching the film and sharing it with all who would benefit from knowing that there are alternatives to opioids.”

Watch:  The Story of Gateway

Watch the documentary: Gateway

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