The Stevens Group Acquispective – The First PR Acquisition


The First PR Acquisition


The Stevens Group

The first acquisition made by a public relations agency is both invigorating and frustrating. It’s invigorating because the acquirer has made the decision that agency growth can be achieved through acquisition as well as organic.  And frustrating because the work involved in making an acquisition is hard work and almost always burns up a lot of time, especially if the buyer chooses to go it alone and not engage the help of M & A professional.

The frustrating part of an acquisition can be in the details – how to evaluate the prospect, how to structure a deal, what a purchase agreement should include.

But ask anyone who has made an acquisition. 

Nine out of ten times, that person will have benefited from the new blood in his organization and is now able to offer clients far greater services and resources than ever before.

In short, acquisitions are a surefire way to grow.

About The Stevens Group:

The Stevens Group facilitates mergers and acquisitions in the public relations and digital marketing industries. We help build bridges that create true synergy and cultural fit for buyers and sellers that meet the test of time.

In addition to our primary service as mergers & acquisitions facilitators, consultants and brokers, The Stevens Group also provides an array of services to CEOs of both public relations and digital marketing firms that includes agency management consulting, new business development strategies, improved profitability strategies, team leadership coaching and training and agency financial metrics analysis.