The Social PR Launchpad: Unleash Your Inner Social PR Superhero (FREE, Live, Online, Mini-Training)


The Social PR LaunchpadIn this first-ever LIVE online mini-training, Shonali Burke won’t take you to a galaxy far, far away (carbon footprint and all that), but she WILL introduce you to a whole new world of Social PR:

  • Day 1: uncover your own personal 3-point Growth Action Plan, so that you can go from Social PR Not-Quite-Zero to Superhero and master today’s Social PR landscape.
  • Day 2: soak up my signature 15-minute-a-day formula for quick yet effective smart social listening, so that you’re always ahead of the intelligence curve.
  • Day 3: grab a 6-pronged Twitter-inspired media relations mind map the social PR way, so that you can build better relationships with media who matter and do it faster, stronger, higher!

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  1. Marisa Razo on at 8:49 AM

    how do i access the mini training Nov. 13-15.

    • fays on at 12:03 PM

      Good morning,
      Please click on the link to register.

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