The SEC and Social Media: Where Do We Go From Here? More Discussion Needed

gene6On April 24th, I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion entitled:  “Social Media and the SEC’s Latest Ruling:  Where Do We Go From Here?”  

The live event, sponsored by Akamai, and co-hosted by CommPRO and Onstream Media, a webcasting and service provider for SEC-regulated companies was held at the AXA Equitable Center, featured a “star panel” (click here to register for the on-demand webcast) and was attended by corporate communications executives and members of the media including reporters from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, IR Magazine and Thomson-Reuters.  Questions were taken from the audience and furthered the debate. 

For an interesting take on the forum, I encourage you to read the posting by my friend and IR Magazine editor Neil Stewart, which can be found here: 

Do we need further guidance on the matter from the SEC as some of our panelists opined or is what we have in place enough?  How will companies utilize social media for disseminating their material information?  What about corporate governance and IR-related social media?  What is the role of the newswire services in this somewhat uncharted world? These are just some of the areas that our panelists weighed in on. 

I believe Neil has it right when he writes:  “Around in circles” as a response to the question posed by event’s title.  Well, maybe.  It is clear that more discussion is needed.  Given the time allotted, I was only able to get through about half of my questions, which may necessitate another panel discussion. 

Clearly, corporate managers are enthusiastic about social media and how it may be applied to their investor relations activities.  This topic is one that will be with us for a long time as we have barely begun to scratch the surface.  

I encourage those of you involved in investor relations and corporate communications to sign up for a replay of the event here 

In conjunction with our partner/sponsors, we at take great pride in getting the dialogue started.  We look forward to continuing the discussion and advancing the debate by providing practical insights and advice on this issue and others that impact the communications and investor relations professions.