The Re-United States


Joan Wangler, Master Certified Coach

We step on

Each other’s viewpoints

Watch only

Our preferred news

Decry the other’s intellect

And sing our sorry blues

Meanwhile people are dying

Our country is in decline

We forgot how to

Be civil

As the months

Roll on by.

This is hardly

The United States

The one I pledged to

As a child

With hand on my heart

I realize

Now is the time for

The Re-United States.


Joan Wangler, ICF Master Certified Coach

President, EDIN (Each Day Is New) Associates    

Senior Leadership Coach and Faculty Member at The George Washington Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.   

I’m a senior leadership coach known for holistic leadership coaching, a process of working with people that leaves them feeling more competent and fulfilled so that they can make a better contribution to their organization and find meaning in what they are doing. Some clients call me a “dream catcher.”

My passion is launching and facilitating leadership communities of practice such as the Creative Learning Group (CLG) initiative with leaders at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the Goddard Civility Collaborative. The primary focus of these communities is on building and sustaining emotionally intelligent, innovative coaching and mentoring organizational cultures to deliver outstanding results.

I coach senior leaders facing complex personal and organizational transition challenges with great heart, wisdom, and innovative thinking. I was one of the original designers of NASA’s award-winning Leadership Alchemy program and co-created the Environmental Protection Agency’s Transformational Leadership Conversations, an organization-wide community of practice promoting leadership conversations that inspire hope, possibilities, and action at all levels.

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