The Press Release That’s Topped the Charts for Months

From Beyond PR

By Sarah Skerik, Vice President-Social Media, PR Newswire

PR Newswire issues hundreds and hundreds of press releases each day.  Our web site is high-traffic source of news for journalists, bloggers, investors and myriad interested individuals.  So when I noticed that a press release issued in September kept topping the “Most Read” standings on our web site week after week,  I took a closer look.

Titled “Best Toys Guide Releases 2012 Holiday Hot Toys List,” this press release is a masterwork in generating visibility.  I wonder if the authors used my presentation onpress release best practices, because they got pretty much everything right.   Without any further ado, let’s break it down.

Multimedia:  If you have spent any time at all perusing this blog, you know that a study of PR Newswire press release analytics proves that content that includes multimedia generates more views.  In addition to their cute logo, the folks at Best Toys Guide included a picture of this year’s hottest toys, and it’s cute, compelling, clear and colorful.

Format: In addition to a great illustration,  the authors followed several other best practices in the structure of the release, including:

  • A short but descriptive headline
  • Judicious use of search keywords in the headline, and in the release copy
  • Exemplary use of anchor text, linking the popular search phrase “hot toys for Christmas 2012″ to a related page on their web site
  • Including references to their social media properties in the release

Timing: In addition to the release mechanics, we have to also compliment the Best Toys Guide team on their news sense.  While many brands wait until late Fall to start issuing holiday stories, many news outlets start compiling holiday feature content much earlier.    Additionally, good content that generates reads and activity also gains  traction in search engines and starts to develop legs of its own.  Case in point – this press release, issued in mid-September,  is still one of the most popular on the PR Newswire web site.

Kudos to the Best Toys Guide team on a job well done on this press release.