The Power Of a Woman

julierammalBy Julie Rammal, Founder, JSport

A woman says it all. If we break down the powerful word, woman, Wo, is a variant spelling of the word whoa and man is a male figure that demonstrates the acts of courage and strength. A woman is an amazing powerful being that can not only raise children, work, inspire, but has one of the most powerful voices that can be heard from one continent to another and back.

International Women’s Day is a day where we learn from our past sisters and continue to stick together to make the world a better place. It is a time where all women should be thankful for being who they are. It is a day when a woman can re-connect to themselves and say she is amazing because each and every one of us has already contributed so much to earth and to our society.

Although some woman may have never heard the words “Thank You” for cleaning the house, the domestic chores, sacrificing your career, raising the children- today is a day where we all say thank you to each other. If it was not for woman, the world may be at war, and in chaos. The power of a woman is incredible, when you are connected to yourself, and love yourself, the light shine through the tunnel.

Today is a day where every woman can say she is proud to be whom she is, and when she finished this paragraph shall we walk with pride and confidence. Women have given earth love, and care, and these amazing female characteristics should be cherished and encouraged.

It is a day when every woman can truly believe that they are amazing, and today and thereafter should know that a woman’s inner strength and power is incredible. She is the backbone of earth. Every woman, regardless of race, culture, education, religion, social class, and ethnicity should know that today is the mark of where all sisters become sisters, and we all become one. Together we are stronger to empower our world to be a better world to protect our families, children, and ourselves. When a mother needs help, a sister should be there for her. When a father is missing and a mom has to raise her child alone, together we support each other.

The most important lesson that should be learnt from history is to not give up, to continue to strive that you can be the change, if you believe, and strive for the change, the change will happen. With love, miracles can and will spread. Never give up.

 About the Author: Julie Rammal is an International Holistic Healer and Exclusive Personal Trainer, Ayurveda and Holistic Health Practitioner, writer and speaker, fitness & marketing consultant, and sound therapist. She began her fitness career in Virginia where at age 16 she won the title: Miss Virginia Swimsuit in 1998. She started her holistic career in 2003 in California where she has trained numerous celebrities and VIP’s worldwide and is known for her holistic approach to understanding and assisting the body and mind to reach its goals. She graduated from George Washington University, San Diego State University, and from Natural Healing College in USA, and received numerous awards and certifications from various organizations. She has studied with some of the most successful doctors such as: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the Center of Neuro acoustic research in California and Joseph Pilates direct students. Julie has lived in over 40 countries worldwide, and honors our ancestral knowledge and practices, and particularly honors Native American approaches to healing. She believes, “Our medicine is in our earth, and our healing begins when we are in tune with earth.” She has assisted in the healing of cancer patients, and has helped clients who suffered from stress, migraines, allergies,  hearing loss, muscle pains, sinus problems, digestive problems. She follows the philosophy, “Live the way we are to live, do not doubt, trust, and all will come into your favor.”