The New Megatrends: Seeing Clearly In The Age Of Disruption


A Conversation with Marian Salzman, Author,  THE NEW MEGATRENDS, the Foreign Press Association and The Museum of Public Relations

Free Virtual Event, May 19, 6 – 7 pm ET




In a conversation specifically tailored to Communicators, you’ll learn how emerging trends in this post-COVID environment impact the course of the next two decades. How will these trends impact where we live, how we get around, and even, what we eat for dinner? Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve already seen major changes in the way we work, make purchases and socialize, but what do these changes portend for global America’s mental health, lifestyles, and consumption. By understanding these trends, Communicators can better strategize how to reach the emerging audiences of tomorrow.

Salzman is an internationally recognized trendspotter, who has spent her career in top positions at Communications agencies like Chiat/Day, Y&R, and Red Havas, and today serves as the CCO at Philip Morris International. As founder of the world’s first online market research company, Salzman has for more than a decade issued annual forecasting reports that are relied upon by the world’s biggest companies. The author or co-author of 17 books, Saltzman is responsible for #GivingTuesday and for coining the word “metrosexual.”