The Latino Influence and Impact on the Public Relations Profession (CELEBRATING LATINO PR HISTORY)


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Presented by The Museum of Public Relations



Join some of the PR profession’s leading Latino CCOs and agency leaders as they discuss how we are changing the landscape of our profession and how you can positively impact our the Museum’s 5th Annual Latinos in PR History event.

Some of the hot topics we’ll be covering:

  • What can we as communicators do to bring healthcare equality to the top of the national agenda? Surely, we’ve witnessed much disparity in treatment over the past 20 months.

  • We have 47 Latino members in Congress today—the most we ever had. Do we feel well represented? What is the role of communications in political advocacy today?

  • Latinos in PR, media, and related professions are moving up the ranks, but surely not as quickly as we ought to be progressing. What can we do to improve our stature in these professions?

  • How has the media been portraying the Latino communities around the country? What has been the impact of figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pete Aguilar, and Joaquin Castro on the way the rest of Americans view the rising prominence of Latinos in society?

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