The Job Offer: 5 Items That Could Impact Your Answer

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

A job offer is always exciting.

It doesn’t matter if you really need the job or if someone really wants you.

The offer recognizes you and your talent.

However, an offer deserves a thoughtful review as you should want to know exactly how this offer will affect you.

Here are some things you should ‘think’ about:

  1. Compensation:  How much money will you really be making.  Will your new salary take you into a new tax bracket?  There are many online salary calculators to help you figure this out.
  2. Benefits:  What are they and what will they cost.  Will your healthcare be more expensive, is the new plan better or worse.  Be sure to compare all the benefits against what you have now.
  3. Cobra:  If your new insurance plan doesn’t start immediately, you will have to pick up Cobra insurance from your past employer.  Since you will be paying 100% for this coverage, be sure to check how much that will be.
  4. Travel:  Is your new job closer or in the same vicinity?  If not, will you be spending more for gas, parking, train or bus?  Also remember to think about the quality of your life if this job will increase your travel time.
  5. Etc., Etc:  Are you in a casual dress environment now and moving to a corporate dress code?  Are you moving from a campus company sponsored cafeteria to a city no cafeteria world?

While not all of these issues might seem important, you don’t want to decide three months into a new job that they do matter.  Take the time to think the offer over and make sure you know all the answers.


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  1. Ronald N. Levy on July 25, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Savvy Hiring Hub’s five factors can save you from the grief of realizing “why didn’t I think of that” after turning down a job that would have been a lot better. In addition, five longer term factors are also worth looking at.

    1. GROWTH POTENTIAL. Is there opportunity to learn and grow or can you foresee a dead end at the beginning?

    2. PUBLIC BENEFIT. We grew up hoping to make the world a better place and many of us can still do that.

    3. SAFETY. The laws and good engineering minimize physical danger but is there a risk your family will be shunned by neighbors because you work “for a place like that” even if your employer does a lot of good?

    4. SOCIAL LIFE. A man may be reviled and fired–as Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were for being practicing heterosexuals trying to attract women at work–and women can be called nasty names for dressing tastefully yet provocatively. Work isn’t play but some jobs are marvelous for
    meeting. and I met my terrific wife at work.

    5. ENJOYMENT. For some jobs you can’t wait to begin your day but at other jobs you can hardly wait to leave. Could this mean a LOT more to you than money and benefits if the rewards are a least adequate? The wife you save may be your own.