The Intersection of Law and PR – Why the Mueller Report Will or Won’t Be Made Public

Two key members of President Trump’s and the White House’s Legal Teams discuss what will or won’t be made public in the Mueller Report. The panel discussed the growing PR role of lawyers as spokespeople and whether it puts brands at risk. They addressed the key legal issues facing organizations including cyber security, privacy and how to navigate them.

The panel took place at the Schar School of Policy and Government on February 26 during “Truth on Trial”, the third in a series of events looking to grow our understanding of messaging in the digital age. “The Intersection of Law and PR” featured Ty Cobb, Former White House Special Counsel to President Trump; Stefan Passantino, Government Relations, Political Law and Public Policy, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP; Suzanne Rich Folsom, Award-Winning General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer; and Richard S. Levick, Chairman and CEO, LEVICK, moderated by Doug Simon, D S Simon Media.

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