The Importance of “The Perfect Match” for Comm Pros

The Importance of “The Perfect Match” for Comm Pros

By Vilan Trub, Business Wire

From a chilled martini with olives to a hot dog with mustard, certain pairings work so well together that it would be difficult to imagine one without the other. These pairings are the result of a perfect match and Business Wire, the perfect match for anyone looking to reach targeted audiences with their news, launched a new brand campaign centered on creative combinations that were destined to be together.

“We live and breathe our customer’s news and designed this campaign to reinforce the message that Business Wire is all about our client partnerships. While others in our category seem more concerned with their own news right now, all we care about is our customer’s news. We believe that is why over half of the Fortune 500, as well as organizations looking to reach everyone from Main Street to Wall Street, choose to work with Business Wire to distribute their news around the globe,” said Business Wire’s President, Gregg Castano

The Importance of “The Perfect Match” for Comm ProsSeeking a creative team that could best demonstrate Business Wire’s benefit within the communications space, the award-winning branding agency, Sullivan, was selected to design the campaign. Their focus was to present combinations that are not only known as timeless pairings, but combinations where the individual assets supplement each other, creating a greater whole. Olives make a martini better, mustard makes a hot dog better, and Business Wire takes a message and turns it into news that reaches audiences around the world. Once the concept behind the campaign was set, attention turned to best presenting the message of “the perfect match.” The concept is about something recognizable, and recognizable is not synonymous with convoluted or complicated. Sullivan created a visual campaign that captured the clarity of the perfect combination. Over a blue background, a pair of simple drawings would do the talking of what Business Wire wants to tell the communicators of the world. Presented in hip, simple illustrations that have universal and undeniable appeal, the ads will speak to the lives and aspirations of young media professionals.

“Business Wire’s dedication, passion, and independence have always stood out in the newswire landscape,” said Nancy Schulman, Partner & Executive Director of Strategy at brand engagement firm Sullivan, which helped create the campaign. “Every investment, every innovation serves the same mission: improving how news is made. When clients partner with Business Wire, they know their stories have found the perfect home—like so many great combinations in life, Business Wire and your news just belong together. That’s the message we wanted to share with The Perfect Match, and we’re thrilled to have played a role.”

Business Wire was inspired to create the campaign after looking at the toolset of solutions offered to its clients and partners. Core services and product groups such as the patented NX Distribution Network, NUVI Social Media Analytics, HQ Sites, NewsQuantified Market Impact Reports and the recently launched BizWireTV video news program are highlighted within the ads. Just like an umbrella works together with a pair of rain boots, these specific tools offered pair perfectly with news looking to be seen by audiences around the world. This combination is the result of the strong culture at Business Wire that’s singularly focused on delivering client’s news through the most expansive, secure, targeted and innovative distribution platform available to media professionals.

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