The Importance of Restaurant Marketing


The Importance of Restaurant Marketing


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

These days, restaurant marketing has become a lot more complicated than it used to be in the past. The professionals that are in charge of generating new leads and creating promotions for restaurants face a lot of challenges. Additionally, with the overabundance of choices that consumers have, restaurants have to compete for the client’s attention beyond offering a great menu and location. 

That’s why restaurants need strong marketing and public relations strategies and tips, that will truly help them succeed, instead of simply creating promotional offers around holidays. 

Google Business Reservations

Plenty of restaurants these days understand the importance of online reviews on platforms such as Yelp, and even Google, however, the latter has become increasingly dominant in across many search categories in recent years. That means not only do restaurants need to have a Google Business account, but that account should also have updated information for potential consumers. The information should be the location of the restaurant, the operating hours, a way to get in touch with the location, a link to the website, etc. 

After that information has been filled out and updated regularly, the restaurant can then also share some photos from the establishment or the dishes from its menu so that more people will become interested in visiting. Another great benefit that restaurants can get with a Google Business account is that they can add a link to the field titled “reservations” where consumers can place their table reservations on the restaurant’s website. 

This way, people can have a seamless way to not only get in touch with the restaurant but make a reservation, which can quickly bring in a lot more people to the establishment. 

Website Live Chat

There are plenty of business websites these days that have a live chat that pops up from the bottom of the screen, where consumers can quickly send a message and get more information. The advancements in live chat technology mean it’s one of the best ways that consumers can communicate with businesses digitally. Restaurants can have one of the hosts or reservation staff operate the live chat so that consumers can quickly and directly communicate with the restaurant. 

That way, if a potential diner has any questions, for example, about the location, or the restaurant’s menu, they have a place to ask them and get a fast response. Additionally, this type of customer service frequently generates more bookings that come directly from the chat box. This also helps restaurants stand out from their competitors, as live chat boxes are no longer solely beneficial for companies in the tech industry. 

Not only that, but live chat boxes also create stronger relationships with the consumers, which contributes to customer loyalty. When the consumers are happy and satisfied at every touchpoint with the restaurant, it’s quickly going to become their favorite eating spot that they’ll often frequent. Finally, loyal customers are also a lot more likely to share their interests with their friends, which means that the restaurant is going to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing at the same time.

Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.