The Hidden Job Market: 4 Ways To Reach It

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

The hidden job market, everyone talks about it but what is it?  It’s all the jobs that never make it to the job boards, company websites or social media sites.

Why aren’t these jobs listed?

According to PayScale, it could be that a company prefers to hire by employee referral or through a recruiter.

So how do you find these jobs?

  1. You tell everyone.  Let family, friends and your followers know you are looking for a new opportunity.   Tell them exactly what job you want and see what leads they can provide.
  2. Network.  You’ve heard it before – network, network and keep on networking.  Go to networking events, college meetings, attend trade shows.  Connect with friends and former co-workers.  Network online.  Find new contacts within your area of expertise.
  3. Find the recruiters.  Start contacting outside recruiters as well as internal corporate recruiters.  Send a resume and ask for a short 10 minute call to explain what type of job you want.
  4. Change your LinkedIn profile.  Listing what you do/have done is not enough.  You want to use your profile to position yourself for that perfect job.

While how many jobs are within the hidden job market is unknown, they do exist and you must go after them.