The Golin Unternship – The Farthest Thing From a Publicity Stunt


Ginger PorterBy Ginger Porter, Managing Director – Golin Dallas and Atlanta, and creator of the Golin Unternship

Last year on this website our CEO Fred Cook told you about the Golin Unternship. We explained the inspiration behind it, who we chose for this unlikely adventure and our hopes for what will become of Akinbola Richardson after a summer filled with unique experiences that would make him a more well-rounded employee and person.

GolinThis fall, our Chief People Officer Pamela Culpepper shared with you what the Unternship brought to Golin. She talked about how Akin is applying his experiences directly to client challenges and new business opportunities. I can tell you as a videographer here in our Dallas office, Akin’s rare and wondrous worldview has already fueled some awe inspiring creative.

And now we’re here to say we’re doing it again.

The Unternship wasn’t a publicity stunt. We didn’t do it for attention or earning media coverage. This wasn’t a one-year, flash in the pan PR move. We did it because we knew that redefining the internship would redefine our intern, and as a result, we found an employee who has changed the game for us.

At Golin, we’re big on flipping things upside-down. We disrupt, we challenge and we repeat. We’re rarely satisfied with the status quo, pushing ourselves to do old things in new ways. That might be scary, but we aren’t afraid of fear. We’re afraid of mediocrity.

And that’s the kind of person we are looking for. If you are a recent North American college grad or will graduate this spring – someone who can engineer their own Unternship that crosses cultures, border lines and comfort zones – we want to hear from you. Apply for the Golin Unternship here, and get ready to travel across the country, generating memories and life experiences that will serve you (and us) for years to come.

An unlikely internship program has yielded an unlikely employee. And we can’t wait to see what our next Untern will bring to Golin.

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