The Fragrance Foundation Launches #FragranceForwardTFF to Advance Industry Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Free Webinar

October 20, 12:00 PM EST

The Fragrance Foundation Launches #FragranceForwardTFF to Advance Industry Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

New Initiative Officially Launches on Wednesday, October 20 with free Webinar featuring Perspectives from Industry Voices including LVMH, World of Chris Collins, Givaudan and The Phluid Project

CommPRO Editorial Staff

The Fragrance Foundation (TFF) today announced #FragranceForwardTFF, a sweeping new initiative to advance, increase and sustain measurable levels of diversity, equity and inclusion in the multi-billion-dollar fragrance industry. The initiative will harness the collective power of TFF’s membership base to share and allocate dedicated resources towards education and scholarship programs, recruitment and outreach, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities. 

In support of #FragranceForwardTFF, The Fragrance Foundation will present Industry Perspectives on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, a free webinar on Wednesday, October 20 at 12:00 PM EST: register here. The virtual event will bring to the fore the dynamism, excitement and challenges of building a career in the fragrance industry with real-time insights from pioneering professionals who are making a difference every day. Panelists include Chris Collins, Founder, World of Chris Collins; Corey Smith; Head of Diversity and Inclusion for North America, LVMH; Rob Smith, CEO and Founder, The Phluid Project; and Linda Song, Senior Perfumer, Givaudan. Helen Shelton, Global Chief Diversity Officer and luxury brand marketing communications expert, Finn Partners, will moderate the discussion.

Industry Perspectives on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will be forward-focused by making it known that that there is a career path for people of all backgrounds within the industry. Panelists will address questions such as what inspired them to build a career in the fragrance industry; what some of the challenges are they face; and, how the industry can be more accountable in driving DEI across all levels – from fragrance development to marketing, creative, retail and more. 

“The Fragrance Foundation is committed to working with our members and the entire industry to make representation a priority, says Linda G. Levy, President, The Fragrance Foundation. “This can only be achieved through a dedicated, sustainable effort, and through #FragranceForwardTFF we’re bringing together the entire community to align on actionable steps to ensure access to opportunities for all people, everywhere. Together, we are creating pathways for success – with the ultimate goal of shaping an industry that is a true reflection of the total population we all serve.”

A major element of #FragranceForwardTFF is the creation of an industry-wide, Fragrance Foundation DEI Signatory Pledge. TFF’s 100+ members – that include both independent and corporate entities – will commit not only to furthering their respective DEI goals, but also pledging to assist TFF in building and shaping #FragranceForwardTFF in the months and years ahead. This will be achieved by sharing resources and creating opportunities for mentorship, educational advancement and more aggressive recruiting. 

The Fragrance Foundation is also embarking on a series of virtual listening sessions and tours of institutions of higher learning to engage with students and to discuss ways in which they might enter the field. A TFF Career Paths series will premiere this week with students, faculty and alumni during Homecoming at Spelman College, an Historically Black institution in Atlanta. The session will be led by Ms. Levy along with Spelman alumna Sharné Jackson, TFF’s Senior Director of Events, Education & Give Back.

“I am absolutely honored to lend my name, voice and brand to #FragranceForwardTFF and to this important event,” says Chris Collins. “I hope to see a day where there are more brand owners of color in the market, and am grateful to Linda and TFF for making this happen.”

Adds Linda Song, “Historically a Eurocentric industry, perfumery is increasingly global and it’s imperative we increase representation to reflect the market. I’m hopeful we can normalize diversity within our industry and will do all I can to help TFF drive #FragranceForwardTFF.”

“As a global arbiter of luxury and style, LVMH is 100% dedicated to advancing DEI across all of our houses and brands – including fragrance,” says Corey Smith. “We are proud and honored to stand with TFF to make the vision behind #FragranceForwardTFF a reality for years to come.”

“I’m proud to lend my name, voice, experience and brand to this initiative,” concludes Rob Smith. “Gender expansive inclusion and representation is something that’s moving beyond a trending topic and taking its place in our vernacular as a culture and as a society, breaking down outdated gender constructs – and The Fragrance Foundation should be commended for taking an active position in making this possible.”

Industry Perspectives on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will be recorded and can be replayed on The Fragrance Foundation’s website