The Four Types of People You Need in Your Business

Gary Douglas, Founder, Access Consciousness

If you have been in business for any length of time, you most likely recognize that you can’t do it all. Inevitably, there are things you are good at. And, at the same time, to truly be successful, you will require people with skills sets that are different than yours to move things forward and create the growth you desire.

As an entrepreneur and business innovator, it has become very clear to me that there are four basic skill sets required for a business to succeed. If you have all four of these types of people within your organization, your chances for success are high. If you are missing one or more, your chances of success significantly diminish. Once you know what it is you are looking for as you develop and select your team, you can choose the people who function in each of the required areas.

Here are the four types of people you need in your business:

1. Creator

The creator is the person who really gets what the business is all about. They have a sense of what it is, what the vision is, what the targets are and ultimately where it can go. The creator is always looking at what else is possible and they have the ability to always see what it would take to make things greater.

The creator of the business is not necessarily the person who starts the business. Often times business owners think they are creators because after all, it was their idea. But if they don’t actually function as a creator, they will not see the possibilities that are available which ultimately stunts the growth and expansion of the business.

Creators ask questions. They function from the questions of, “Who do we invite in to expand this? What is required next? What can we do different to make this even better?”

2. Connector

A connector is a person who talks to everyone. They love to talk to people. They are friendly. They are the person that makes everyone they talk to feel wonderful and everyone loves them.

Connectors are also you greatest advocates. They sell, they promote, they convince people to do things, buy things and try things. And because they are friendly and personable and because they build a strong rapport with people through their connecting skills, people do what they say.

3. Mover

A mover is the person who gets things done. When they are working on a project, they see what needs to happen, they see where things are missing, they see what parts and pieces need to come together and they orchestrate the entire process so that it can move forward.

A mover has the ability to extrapolate. They take the ideas of the creators, the enthusiasm of the connectors and their ability to see the whole picture and bring it all together. Movers are the ones who get it done.

4. Foundational

A foundational person is a combination of all 3 elements. They can create, they can connect and they can move. They may be stronger in one or two of these areas, but, when required they can step into any of these roles and carry it out.

Foundational people are invaluable to your business because they are good at many things which allows you to plug them in where needed. They also have the ability to clearly see the overall project and scope of the business and to jump in where there are gaps.

Walk into the business section of your local bookstore and you will find multiple books filled with advice on how to run your business. While many of them have good ideas and suggestions, recognizing the four types of people that are required for any business to succeed, adding them to your team and giving them responsibilities that match their skills will allow your business to expand and grow dynamically.

Take a moment to reflect on your business as it currently is. What areas are working? What areas are not? With whatever is not working, take a moment to ask, “What is required here? A creator? A connector? A mover? A foundational person? Who or what can I add to my team to bring these abilities? What would it take to have all four of these people creating this business with me?”

Ask these questions and then take action. Make the changes that are required so that all of the aspects of creator, connector, mover and foundational are integrated into your business. Ask. Act. Celebrate the growth and change.