The First Video: Ty Cobb “White House Counsel McGahn Recused His Office from Mueller Probe”

During “Truth on Trial,” a discussion of Ethics and the Collapse of Institutional trust, host Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media asked Ty Cobb about the division of work and process inside the White House legal office. That story and video was picked up on Politico. His answer included the revelation that White House Counsel McGahn recused his office from the Mueller probe. The event also featured White House Counsel’s from both the Obama and George W Bush administrations.

According to Simon “It’s unclear that the White House Counsel has attorney/client privilege with the President on personal matters.” The session also focused on the increasing role of lawyers in communications and how business can navigate the polarized political environment. Here’s the video on YouTube To watch the full panel discussion visit registration required. Contact Doug Simon for more information.

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