The eSports User Manual (Preview)


By sparks & honey

Video games aren’t a sport, they’re a cultural movement that’s redefining how we think about content, sports, and entertainment – and over 100 million hardcore fans around the world are creating that change. eSports viewership has grown exponentially in the past five years, and North America and Europe are only just starting to heat up.

eSports has established leagues, professional competitors, big money purses, rabid fan bases and dedicated media platforms, but the sport is still on the fringes of brands and marketing organizations.

The eSports User Manual unpacks the world of eSports according to some of the most influential industry insiders. Based on years of pattern analysis and exclusive interviews with a wide range of experts, this report provides invaluable insight into the future of this exciting space:

• The growing global fandom of eSports, from the individual to the masses

• Why some games make it to the big stage while others fail

• The battle of traditional sports vs eSports, similarities and differences

• Competitors and the next generation of sports celebrity endorsement

• Speaking the language of eSports to a new media audience

• The future of eSports in the changing media landscape

• How eSports are rewiring over 100 million fans and setting new expectations for the worlds of traditional sports and entertainment

Download the full eSports User Manual here:

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