The Dating Game of Blogger Relations – Which Suitor Are You?


The Dating Game of Blogger Relations - Which Suitor Are YouConnecting with a blogger is a lot like The Dating Game show.

You have your blogger who is looking for love, ready to build the perfect, mutually beneficial relationship with a brand. In this case, they’re sitting behind a computer screen, instead of the original game show’s actual screen, asking questions of potential “suitors.”

Like the dating scene, some bloggers and some brands are looking for a quick fling, while others are interested in a long-term relationship.

As your brand’s public relations or marketing representative, it’s important to figure out which type of relationship you’re looking for from bloggers and social media influencers.

Understanding this before you start your influencer outreach will help you connect with the bloggers who want the level of commitment you’re offering.

So, in the blogger relations dating game, which contestant are you?

Contestant #1

Contestant #1 doesn’t see the potential a blogger/brand relationship has for their future.

They’ve read horror stories and feel that all bloggers want something for nothing. They’re unaware of the work a skilled blogger puts into writing and promoting blog posts across social media, newsletters, and within their carefully cultivated niche communities.

However, when done successfully, blogger outreach can pay off for Contestant #1 in major ways.

Bloggers aren’t replacing traditional media or marketing, but adding to what is already in place.

Today’s buyers have the resources and the desire to research their purchase decisions. They’re looking for third-party content that reinforces a brand’s messaging. While buyers trust brand messaging only 18% of the time, they trust their peers, influencers and other experts 78% of the time.

When an influencer mentions you — be it in a blog post or tweet — it sends a signal to potential customers that your brand can be trusted.

If Contestant #1 can be convinced that bloggers have a place in their brand marketing strategy, they can become one of the other contestants.

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