The Content Marketers Secret Weapon


Scott Fedonchik Discusses the Content Marketers Secret WeaponScott FedonchikSenior Vice President of Marketing, Business Wire

There is an easy, affordable, trusted and effective tool to promote your communications that you might not be thinking about…post it as Business Wire News Release. Why? Here are a few highlights.

1) By reframing your content as a news release (and including supporting materials like a headshot, author bio, graphics, research data, a video, etc.) your piece can take on a life of its own as source material for journalists and influencers. Your content is searchable and archived, so you can become a recognized thought leader as reporters do research on your chosen topic. A recent study by Business Wire found that 53% of journalists refer to newswire content daily, so we know they are looking at our material for story ideas.

media blueprint2) Using a newswire provides a halo of credibility to your content. Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, has been distributing industry news and information for over five decades, establishing a leadership position with journalists around the world. Placing your content within our feed, among other blue-chip organizations, industry thought leaders and brands, add to the relevance, authority, and visibility of your ideas. These factors are hard to measure but are incredibly important for content marketing success!

3) A wire release for your communications content gains broad reach to leading media points, direct posting to major news sites, search benefits from the major portals, as well as social media distribution through Business Wire’s turn-key sharing tools. We distribute directly into the editorial systems of digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks and more, so your amazing content will be seen!

4) You can select targeted distribution channels (by geography, industry type, trade category, demographics, language, etc.) to insure your content gets seen by the right people who can engage with it and share it with their audiences. Business Wire reaches over 160 countries in 20 languages and offers 193 industry trade verticals to reach the audiences you want to impact. From broad, global reach to micro-targeting, we have your content covered.

5) Your published piece comes with measurement reports that show the number of views, link clicks, websites that published your articles, social media engagement and a list of influencers who amplified your post. Honestly, try getting that level of reporting from a social media site or programmatic media firm. It’s not going to happen…and certainly not at the costs of working with Business Wire.

So, my guess is that these points were probably not what you were thinking when you clicked on this post. As a fellow content marketer, I hope I have opened your eyes to the “hidden gems” of the wire.

Pound for pound there is no more effective (and surprisingly affordable) tactic to add to your content marketing strategy than newswire distribution.

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