Standing Behind the Election Process and the Constitution (Video)


andy-mclaughlinBy Andy McLaughlin, President / CEO, PaperClip Communications

Late in the election season, I felt a strong desire to participate – in a non-partisan way – in a way that would remind people that our greatest strength was that as a country we peacefully (with little exception) pass democracy on from administration to administration.

It’s one of the singular hallmarks of our American way of life.

I had the concept for this video, with THIS song. And, I corralled the talents of two young men, Joe Vivona (who happened to be a popular contestant on The Voice) and his keyboardist, Jonathan Bach.  They were in L.A. and I was in NJ. But we communicated late into the evening and they worked overnight to produce the video – with the simple message: Vote, November 8th. Respect the process. Respect the winner. Respect the Constitution.  Because that’s how I believe all Americans win on November 9th.

Then, through the gracious gift of Jan-Lee Music who granted us the license and rights to use the beautiful lyrics and music we were able to publish the video and share it with the country.

I believe it hits the right tone at the right time for the country.


About the Author: Andy McLaughlin is President, CEO and founder of PaperClip Communications, a media company with two divisions – one focused on higher education and a second division (The Parent Institute) focused on primary education. PaperClip Communications serves more than 3000 institutions of higher education each year with critical materials in compliance, training, safety, wellness, health and security providing a diverse range of products in a variety of media from print to digital.  In 2015 PaperClip Communications provided professional development to approximately 50,000 higher education professionals.  Educational materials delivered by PaperClip Communications in 2016 have been received and used by over one million parents and students. Andy has spoken at over 300 colleges – working directly with students and administrators on issues such as leadership, training, campus programming and more. In 1999 Andy McLaughlin was elected to the board of directors of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA). In 2009 Andy was elected to the Specialized Information Publisher’s Foundation Hall of Fame – a distinction held by only 13 other members of the association. 


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    Well done boss.

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